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I know that all men will be all ears at the mention of Penthouse. Well, yes, it is the same old great Penthouse that decided to go online and allow you all fans of the men’s magazine easy access and less embarrassing ways of exploring porn. Remember the great old images of hot girls in scanty clothes and sexy lingerie! That has come online with an even more stimulating touch. Apart from the great old stories you have always loved, there are videos and more.


The home page invites users to a host of browsing tools. There is a clear sense of user-friendliness attached to every item on display on Penthouse. The color combinations that form the background hues is nothing to shout about but you are presented with the classic Penthouse Magazine colors you have come to make your household choice over the years. Indeed, Penthouse was over 19 years old by the time I was writing this review. There is a free preview that users can enjoy before they get into the actual arena. Penthouse offers users with great stories in the form of the Penthouse letters you all loved. The platform features introductory parts of these letters and entices you to part with a few bucks to access the full scripts. Most of the content is drawn from DVD titles including Screw the Ocean, What are You Wearing and Naughty Nap. Mobile users can also enjoy flicks and photos on Penthouse. The porn platform offers you a perfectly tweaked Mobile, Tablet and iPhone/PSP access. I loved the fact that all the flicks I watched were in high-quality HD form.

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The girls are stunningly gorgeous. There is a host of hunks makes some great sex partnership with the girls. Penthouse was always meant to tease men, titillate them with images of stunningly hot cuties and take them to another level of imagination. Well, there is still good news. In fact, it is great news. Penthouse retains the same appeal and has thrown in a couple of more entertaining elements; thanks to internet technologies. Buckle up for lots of sex often referred to as pet sex on penthouse. Do not take your imagination too far. There are human pets in steamy hot sex scenes on the set here. I was stirred to my peak with the hot lesbian scenes and masturbation videos that feature some of the hottest girls you can think of. The scenes feature the best hotties from across the racial divide. I was stunned by the captivating beauty of the white models, but it is the ebony models that got me drooling and out of control. One of my all time favorites on Penthouse is Noelle Monique. You will be stunned at the beautiful girl’s demeanor and style. She is a tall, curvaceous ebony model with an irresistible beauty. Her smile gets you reeling with erotic urges. There are over 3770 videos on Penthouse. Each of these comes with a 20-minute playback span. The content is in a variety of formats including WMV, MP4, and MPEG. Users have access to over 5000 galleries.


Penthouse rekindles the sweet old romantic memories of most men and women. There is a great mix of the old and new here. The platform offers an impressive host of navigation tools too.

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