Hey, there! The fact that you are on our About Us page means that you may be interested in who we are and what we do. Our eternal goal is to provide our readers with honest, in-depth reviews of adult entertainment websites. This is our work in a nutshell.

When you are looking for porn sites to spend your money at, we are sure that you feel something at your throat, or in your stomach. Why? Because you know that you have worked hard for that money, and you want to make it well-spent. With hundreds of sites already reviewed, we can guarantee you that you will find the best, most worthy porn paid sites here. And what’s the best about being our reader? We have good relations, and we can get you some extra discounts from the top sites!

Our team

We have here a team of writers, webmasters, designers but none of us thought we will make a living from porn while we don’t do porn. Our team of experts is varied. For example, we have here a guy who learned to be a teacher of history and literature – guess what, he is one of our best writers. In our team, you can find guys who learned technology and informatics; they are the ones who always know where to look if we want to dig deep into a site. We are the mixed bunch of people, some of us aren’t even native English speakers, but due to our strict proofreaders, you can’t even notice that.

If you are not interested in our working method, you should skip this paragraph, but if you like BTS scenes, you should read on, and use your imagination. First, you have to imagine an office with lots of computers on desks, a drinking fountain in a corner, and white (not too friendly in fact) LED lighting.

In this office, you can see our team running around like rabbits. There is always a boss, who doesn’t work down there with the team, but imagine that he is standing at a desk waving papers and speaking fast. There is a corner where the writers have their desks; they get the raw data from the tech-guys, the web researchers, and from the user-experience testers. At another bunch of desks, the techy guys are collecting data from the sites: WhoIs, PageRanking, Domain Authority. They dig up if the company has other sites. A few other people are responsible for the sites’ background: they check if the company behind is new or old, where is its standing in its field, etc. Also, they are responsible for the material part: is the company pays its affiliates, or just swallows the registrations, with no payment done to those who brought the visitors? There is usually one person who gather’s other sites reviews, and most importantly, the user comments – the comments tell us what to look for to write a thorough review.

The evaluation criteria

When we have gathered the freely accessible information, we try to get in touch with the owner. In fact, this is the point where it all can go astray: if a site’s owner isn’t responding, or don’t want to let us in, we leave it, and write an outsider’s review. The most trustworthy sites are not afraid to provide a free pass for a few days, and they let us tear the site apart… oh, and we do it hard! After we’re in, we start exploring the site and find out the overall rate of the user-experience. We play and download the videos, inspect them closely, and see if they are unique or not. This is another info-gathering scenario, which sometimes gets boring. But since we love to do this, and we appreciate good porn, we always put aside our negative thoughts, and we do our reviews for your sake. In a case of any question, please contact us HERE.

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