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The beautiful and sexy Alexa Grace has a top notch collection of raunchy pictures and videos that will make you want to look at her and her site is just as perfect. A mixture of class, sex, and eroticism, those looking for something other than the hardcore scene will enjoy the view of this glamour UK model.


Browsing through Alexa Grace’s site you will instantly find that this is not your regular website made without thinking of the user or the design. Everything is elegant and really easy to use, made to convey the idea of glamour that Alexa has. The background is completely white and all of the details are in tones of pink. This gives the site a feminine vibe that makes it different from what we usually see. Since the reason for this page is to showcase Alexa, you will be welcomed by a full page banner with a video and some images of her. On top of that, they’ve added all the links to navigate easily on the site, such as the short access to videos, pictures, selfies and BTS. If you prefer, you can scroll down where you will find a short bio with some data about Alexa and an interesting 4-minute video that works as some sort of trailer for the site itself. Every time you pass over a picture or video it will display the title and the date added so you can have an idea of what you can see in each link. There is also a short message about the site. Both this text and Alexa’s bio won’t interfere with your browsing and if you are scrolling down you can easily skip them. At the bottom of the page, you have links to all the complete network and you can also check the latest tweets Alexa has made. The mobile version is as fast and well designed as the site. You can scroll down or choose the menu that opens on top.

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Alexa is a hot and glamorous woman with blond hair. While 5’4” and really slender, her 30F breasts will have you watching as she strips them down of all clothes. The pictures are both sexy and erotic, but they don’t lack some elegance. Since Alexa is a “Glamour model”, her site doesn’t display hardcore videos or photographs, this is just about herself and her amazing body. Most of the pictures are of her with sexy lingerie, shorts or skirts, and high heels. The videos are of her usually stripping for you. The site has about 10 videos, with the addition of some backstage takes. Everything is mp4 HD quality and can be downloaded. Plus, there are 7 galleries with over 100 pictures each. A nice feature is a section called “Alexa’s selfies” that has a lot of images the model took of herself and most of them involve revealing clothes. The professional quality comes across in every photo and video and it is possible to tell that everything was carefully done. Both the videos and images can be downloaded, but I should warn you that there’s a download limit of about 40gb per day. I don’t think this limit would be a problem because it’s very high, but since most of the sites don’t even have one, it’s a weird idea. Since this is Alexa’s official page, all of the content is made exclusively and you won’t find it somewhere else. Perhaps the weakest point of the site is that it hasn’t been updated since 2015 and it even displays a video that’s not Alexa’s. New content would be a much-welcomed addition. If you want to join, you can choose between 4 different memberships: 1 or 3 months recurring, and 6 or 12 months non-recurring. What I’ve found is that these aren’t the cheapest subscriptions out there.


Alexa’s site is specially made for those who want sexy and erotic pictures and who love watching a woman taking off her clothes. We would expect a more updated content and a bigger archive of videos, but all things considered, this is a very will done site for this glamour UK model. The strongest points are the design and the quality of the exclusive content. Together with the big network of models, it can make a good use of your subscription money.

The website no longer exists, so maybe it would be better to check this similar one as well: Lexi Dona

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