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The porn industry is ever growing and it will continue to grow, adding different types of porn genres now and then. Most of the time, a porn site usually sticks to one niche or genre, sometimes even two or three. Rarely you get a porn site that manages so much and this is probably because most porn networks make more money like that. Throw it in one by one and they will clamor for it anyway, I heard once. That is why I truly appreciate porn networks that make porn sites that cater to a variety of genres and niches because then I will think that the people behind these are just really keen on giving people good and quality porn. I have always been passionate about porn and so when I find something really good, I share it with people, because everybody deserves to know a good porn site or two. If you are like me and love a little variation, you will have a good time here in Bang. Bang looks like a porn network itself because of its mind blowing content but it’s not. It is an individual porn site, hosting a lot of channels, but also have their very own originals that you can only find on the site. It has been around for a long time and is being owned by Videos Z at the moment. Videos Z, if you are not too familiar, is a porn network that likes to stack and shove porn videos into one porn site until it explodes. I love them for it and so will you! Bang is where you will find an endless variety of videos and I am not even mad about it.


For Bang, it is only likely that they will settle for a simple website design rather than a cluttered one because they do host tons of videos and photo sets. For the people to solely focus on the content rather than what the site looks like, they had to make the design and layout of the site as minimalistic as possible. True enough, this is exactly what Bang gives us. Not only did they opt for the plain black background and the white and grey font colors, but they also made sure that every single thing here is easily understandable and quite straightforward. When it comes to the navigation here, they make it easy and simple. The user interface is quite the smooth one too; it is easily manageable, transparent, and not complex. If you wish to see an uncluttered porn site, this one right here is a good example of it. The links can be found in a very obvious place, more so, in the left part of the site itself. Alright, before anything else, make sure you are already a member of the site.

The site is a pay site so you will have to settle with payment before anything else. The site offers plenty of options for you and payment plans you can choose from. With the site this big, the price comes in really cheap. Moving on, the links found on the left side of the site are the links you will need when navigating your way around it. You have a link to their newest uploaded videos, a link to their featured videos, a link to a page where you will find numerous categories that they take up, a link to a page where you will find all their video collections, a link to a page where you will find the model index, and a link to a page where you will find the list of the studios that help them with their content. Under that is like a separate box but still gives you access to their nasty casting videos, videos that feature fresh-faced beauties, and a link to their Japanese counterpart. Just a little below that is a link to their channels, where you will find the rest of the porn sites that are being managed under the same awesome network. They also have links to their live cam shows. Now, the live cam shows also come for free, but there is not a lot of it. The site has some photo sets that are in hi-res and have a 1600 x 1200p resolution.

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For the girls, there are plenty over here and they are all gorgeous to begin with. They have banging hot bodies that will make you melt and erect. They engage in serious hardcore sex scenes with tons of blow jobs, anal and pussy fucking, pussy licking, finger banging, tit jobs, threesomes, orgies, gang bangs, double penetration, and so much more. Everything here is exclusive and so the scenes remain here as it is, and you will be unable to find them anywhere else. The majority of the scenes are in high definition already and can go as far as having a 4K resolution. Some drop to a 1920 x 1080 resolution, while the slightly older ones can have a lower resolution but still decent. The site will allow you to watch the scenes in your browser, or download them to your devices in either MP4, WMV, or MPEG formats. The resolution can always be chosen when trying to do so. No download limit applies and the updates are happening consistently every day.


Quantity, quality, and gorgeous girls. Bang has all of it so you will not have to go looking for more. The variation they offer people is just astonishing and overwhelming. Totally recommended to all of you out there who loves good porn.

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