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Golden Shower – have you ever heard this world? Well… This is one word that many people are not synonymous with though if are a frequent watcher of porn, you should know what it is. It is something that most girls can relate to. It is that euphoric feeling that women and girls experience while peeing – it is orgasmic for many and for many women that are their way of masturbating. This is what is termed as the golden shower, golden nectar and the like. Women enjoy their orgasmic pee more than anything and this is something you can try as well if you still haven’t tried it, of course if you are a woman. Sex will be much more than just satisfaction when you can make your partner pee. Your girl will enjoy more than anything and will keep asking for more. Finding porn websites is not something that is tough given the fact that most people have 24/7 internet connectivity. With the popularity of mobile responsive website, you can even watch porn while on the move. However, it is not easy to find a porn website that offers you quality content. It is harder to look for a site that offers unique content. Most of the free porn sites offer you similar content and same stories and time will come when you will get bored seeing them. That is when paid porn websites would come to your rescue and offer you things that you have not seen before. Now even the content of paid porn sites can be similar and it is your duty to choose a unique one amongst them. WetandPissy is one such unique site that dedicates itself to showing the golden shower in women, something that you do not see in most of the porn sites. Coming across blowjobs, cum shots, sucking, fingering, and wild sexual penetration is common. There are many videos to see and a lot of variation has been brought in them. The girls have a perfect figure and they are completely naked in all the videos. They arouse themselves and there is a lot of use of sex toys as well. They get fully aroused and then it comes out and you can see the joy of satisfaction on their faces. There are videos where the ladies are peeing through their panties and if you have fetish on such sexual acts, you will enjoy being a member of this site. This site is meant for porn lovers who enjoy seeing women peeing after getting aroused completely. This site offers you a vast collection of pissing videos and as per members; this is one of the best pissing sites that they have come across. Most other pissing sites do not have such beautiful ladies indulging in this erotic act. Thus, this is a win-win situation for people who enjoy the sexual act of pissing. This site offers you peeing videos only and you will love it more when these women drink this golden sparkling pee and get more aroused. There is a lot to see and you would not ever get bored with the content.


The site opens with the sight of girls peeing – throwing out their golden shower from their vagina. The view of their vagina is crisp and clear and that makes the site all the more arousing. It is evident from the first page itself that there is a lot of pissing content inside the website. Another thing that becomes evident is the fact that the girls are breathtaking. The site comes with easy navigation opens and you can search for your favourite girl and scenes. There are other sorting options making things easier for the first-time visitors. There is nothing on the site that can be called unnecessary. There is no write-up as such and there are no ads too.

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You will come across some of the most beautiful European girls here and you will be seeing them all naked and masturbating. The girls have soft tits, tight pussies and they are so good as the art of arousing themselves. They are hot and they enjoy what they do on screen for you. There are as many 241 videos on the website and the site adds one video every week. The videos offer a lot of stuff and in some, you come across women sucking up their piss from the wooden floor or collecting the same in bowls and glasses and drinking them. You will get to see women stripping and masturbating and all such things. It is hard to come across such kinky stuff on the web. There is a photo gallery too and there are about 20 photo sets, each offering unique content. The videos can be downloaded in MP4 format or you can even stream them online. The quality of the videos and the images are pretty decent and you can save the images as Zip files. Some of the newest videos can be enjoyed in ultra HD resolution.


This site offers you a heavy dose of wet pussies and big tits. This site is meant for people who enjoy seeing girls masturbating followed by pissing. There is nothing else that you can get in this website and hence, this is one important factor that you need to keep in mind. The quality of the videos and the images are quite decent and you will enjoy being a member of this site as it has a huge collection in store for you.

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