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This site will definitely send any visitor to sexual nirvana. Models from other nations are being showcased here ranging from singles to MILFs, you name it. This site will definitely give you an eye candy of beautiful, busty and hungry ladies ready to make you wet over and over! With over 3,000 models on their roster, and almost 8,000 videos and images, any dude would just opt to stay in the comfort of their rooms and browse for several hours with this awesome porn site. If this will be your first time to check on this site, the first thing that will come to your mind is to subscribe. Let’s go deeper into this hot site.


As I took a short tour on this site, I was welcomed by images of nude angelic beauties which kinda tells me what took me so long to see them in action. There’s actually so much to check out, I don’t know where to start. Almost all of the ladies are really fine, perfectly breasted and hungry to eat some juicy pussies. The site’s somewhat subdivided into two. There’s one for people who want to see horny ladies play with themselves, and there’s the other site called Twistyshard where there’s a whole lot of pussy munching and of course, fucking. At the time of writing, they now have around 8,000 videos most of them at around 11 minutes each. You can either download or just simply stream them. Most of the downloads come in MP4 format. The only flaw is the site navigation. Yes, advanced search and the option to save your favorite videos really is a big help, but if you want to go back to a specific page, you’ll have to either jump several pages back or click on the page one by one which is a bit inconvenient and sexually frustrating.

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I tried checking on both Twistys and Twistyshard and both never failed in giving me a boner. Models are mostly professionals and all are heaven sent! With a perfect set of body humps and a matching outfit, whether it be a simple, almost see-through shirt and jeans to mouth-watering lingerie, these ladies will make you want to have some petting action with your dick. Got to watch a video and it says in the title, MILF. From the looks of it, she doesn’t seem to be one. The scene starts where she’s doing something like a sexy routine, touching herself and tempting this girl that as if she’s saying let’s get it on.

The lady’s one real fine model. Not too slim, with just the right body structure. Boobs are still round and firm with nipples fully erect which you can easily see from her bra. The red 2-piece lingerie turned me on while she’s touching herself. She then went to the chick on the couch, immediately grabbing the girl’s boobs and starting to lick her. 

I can tell from the video that the girl came because of her back bent backward and her tummy’s protruding. The girl’s not yet finished with her though when the video ended. Another video that I watched featured this model named Michele Monroe. A very fit brunette with a full breast and tight ass. The video’s a bit slow-paced though but it’s actually worth the wait. The video starts with Michele, dressed in simple shirt and jeans, began touching herself. Her shirt’s a see-through type so you can see her bra. A bit of striptease until she’s completely naked. She laid herself down on a couch and started fondling her boobies and played with her nice shaven pussy at the same time.

She inserted her middle finger all the way inside her dripping wet fuck hole and it went through real smooth. Now that’s well lubricated! As she went faster and faster, she wanted more so she added her index finger to help finish the job. She’s quite sweaty and very satisfied after she reached climax. Too bad I wasn’t able to check her other videos. Wonder how she looks like being banged real hard. I also checked some comments on a certain video mentioning the name Kayden Kross. They said that her videos are the most-watched. Wasn’t able to check on that though. Probably next time.


This is definitely a porn site where you’ll be feasting your eyes on more and more as you browse deeper into it. Imagine all of the models here are angel-faced but don’t be deceived by their innocent looks though. They will surely make your naughtiest of fantasies become a reality. As you make your tour on this website, more and more beautiful ladies pop up that you don’t know what to watch first. The site was beautifully done, as beautiful as the models that they showcase. All are but eye candies that most men dream and fantasize. They should fix this in their next update of the site. All in all, this site is very much recommended and actually, I already included this porn site to one of my favorites to visit more often!

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