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Homemade sex tapes are not out of date, they are the most “in” thing right now and you just do not know it. Plenty of people I know are more interested in these amateur-made sex videos rather than the professionally taken ones, why do you think people get so excited once a sex scandal floats in? Admit it. It is far more interesting than watching a completely staged porn scene, complete of directors and cum donors. I, for one, get hooked on these homemade videos because I believe there is more passion injected in them compared to those staged ones. I have come across plenty of porn sites that celebrate the idea but only a few I do consider worthy of my time. One of my favorites at the moment is PrivateSexTapes.

This reality based porn site has such worthwhile content that it is rather hard to compare it to other porn sites that take on the same thought. It is way better than any other out there and you can practically see that as soon as you set foot in here. PrivateSexTapes takes into account and showcases amateur made sex tapes manufactured by everyday people. It is sent to them in high hopes that they will be paid for their “efforts”. True enough, this is the idea that PrivateSexTapes has come up with and I think it works well because a good number of people are itching to do so.


A lot of porn sites like vamping their sites with glitters and whatever it is that could probably induce a head splitting reaction, but I can’t stand those, which is why I am very glad that PrivateSexTapes opted for something much simpler compared to the usual glittery depiction. With a black, white, and gray color scheme, it is hard to go wrong and with its minimalist trait and quality, the site is just oozing with elegance. Now, before you immerse yourself in pleasure with just being here, you will need to register for an account and I am sure you are familiar with the process. Since this is a pay site, you will have to settle on a payment plan and a payment method. The course and development are simple too, and with just a few clicks, you will be done in no time.

The site also has a trial version, but you will still need to shell out a few pennies before you can access a few contents of the site in a span of two days. Now, if you have managed to take care of that, you can just do whatever it is you want to do on the site. Things here work pretty easily just like its navigation. Navigating your way around here is like a walk in the park and is just a cinch. Links can be found on the top menu bar, right in between the banner headline and the numerous video thumbnails that make up the recently added videos found on the main page. These video caps are the gate to a corresponding video/episode. It has detailed information about what to expect from the scene and so much more. The links are made up of the ‘Home’ button which will take you to the main page no matter which nook and cranny you find yourself on the site. Next to this is the ‘Our Sex Tapes’ button which will automatically take you a page where you can view all the present collections.

Beside is the ‘Our Couples’ button which will take you to a page that serves as a model index. From there, you can find out a lot about the couples that sent in their very own sex tapes. You can familiarize yourself with their faces, their names, their hobbies, and most certainly their favorite sex position. The members of the site can also submit their very own homemade sex tape that will need to at least have a 7-hour mark. If you are successful enough and it catches their attention, a generous incentive is immediately given. The content can be sorted out by their dates, titles, popularity, ratings, and the number of times they were viewed. Other than that, there are no other browsing options except for the pagination link at the bottom of the page. One thing you should be looking forward to is the number of bonus sites that come for free with your membership. That is thousands of hardcore porn awaiting your judgment.

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The couples that make up this porn site are European. They speak different languages but do not worry too much about that since subtitles are available here. Despite being a site that is fueled by submissions, it still manages to stay at the top of the porn game. The content being submitted is not something to be taken lightly as well since they are all carefully planned out and are raw in general. Each submission would have to last for 7 hours, but when it gets approved, and it gets featured on the site, it is broken down by episodes, depending on the cut. To estimate, each episode would last for at least 20 to 30 minutes and the updates happen almost every day. This is why the site is growing fast and the number of content had risen compared to when it first started. The scenes can either be downloaded in mp4 format or streamed in your browser via Flash player. The resolutions may vary, but the majority of the content in here retain a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Older ones are a little lower but still decent. The scenes here are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. Also, no download limit exists in here.


If its reality porn you seek, then you best head in here because PrivateSexTapes is the perfect place to find the most amazing adult videos. The size of the site is already overwhelming considering it has not been around for a very long time and the quality they possess is breathtakingly good. The idea is unique and you do not find the theme commonly. Overall, the site is a really good place to be at when you worship reality porn.

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