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To borrow a line from Queen’s front man and lead singer Freddie Mercury, “Fat-bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round” and right he was! Head to Plump Mature and you will know what Freddie was talking about. Plump Mature models will show that they are as capable as their skinnier counterparts. It has been proven that plus size people are more affectionate, more sensual, more sensitive to your needs and they know what you want because they too want it themselves, which makes them  hornier, kinkier and hungrier. Plump Mature is an adult website where you get more than just full figured women dancing in their underwear.


The website is presented well with a simple navigation panel and complementary lay outing. It was made for simple access for you to find what you are looking for. For example, the galleries are sectioned into videos or images, and then there are sub-categories for each section. The list may seem long and daunting, but it’s good to see that there is more than a weekend’ s worth of entertainment for you in store. Plump Mature prides themselves in being the biggest (both literally and figuratively) BBW adult video website around the internet. Not only has Plump Mature cornered the BBW market, but they have one of the most sought after services when it comes to adult video websites: Dating Service. Yes, there are hundreds of lonely hearts out there who want more that a skinny skeleton to cuddle with in bed. It is the key feature that separates Plum Mature from other adult websites, allowing their registered members to have a chance to arrange a date with these Rubenesque women. This is what I was referring to earlier about these women being more than just performance artists in lacey lingerie.

If not all, most women on this website are full figured and they are looking for love. In addition to their dating service, they award members to have access passes to the network’s other website such as Naked Novices, Plumper World, Pee Hunters and more. The additional access to these websites is cited as a bonus, just in case you want to see something other than plus size women taking a load. Admittedly, one of the links in the bonus sites is another website about plump women, but they are of a different variety. Plump Mature has been around since July 2014 and it as only been two years since their launch, but they have gotten a lot of attention.

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Several studies claim that men get more pleasure from slightly larger women because their ability to forget about their physical insecurities drives them to become more focused on the task at hand, which happens to be their partner’s genitals. But even with that said, the current women are ingénue that are subtly attractive. They might not be Runway model levels of pretty, but they are gorgeous by normal standards. As of writing this, there are at least 126 female models ready to fulfill your wildest and biggest fantasies. They do not conform to the Barbie cookie cutter that everyone is obsessed about. They are their woman with their singular tastes and it may come as a shock to some, but they have followers would pay just to see them in their underwear.

There are at least 300 image sets with at least 448 videos or “scenes” that caters to more than just your typical BBW fetish. There are solo performances, some strip teasing and the occasional facial that everyone can’t seem to get enough of. There is a perfect balance of girls playing with themselves with their hands or with their sex toys and getting rowdy for a ride on a throbbing cock. Currently, there are 41,970 quality pictures of these women doing more than just being eye candy. The photos are available to be downloaded in ZIP files, which mean you can get these ladies’ picture in one download. Speaking of downloading, you can do that for the videos as well which is a plus. Personally, I would like to download all my videos so I can look at them in one go rather than wait for the video to buffer, plus I can watch them when I feel a little frisky. Updates are done between 2 to 3 times per week, which is quite frequent compared to the other adult websites on the market. It is good to note that the majority of these women are quite attractive and the acts they perform has are softcore, which is a good relief.


They have great content, an easy to navigate website, plump and pretty women, a unique dating service, downloadable images, streaming videos, frequent updates and access to the network’s other niche sites, all at reasonable membership prices. It is no wonder that Plump Mature is the talk of the web!  For a website that has been around for two years, they are still going strong which is a good indicator that they know what they are doing  and know how to keep their members interested.

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