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Great HD transsexual porn site, JolieAndFriends is one of the freshest and nicest offerings from a TGirl porn entertainer turned director. Camilla has worked as a shemale performer for over 10 years and has decided to start her own website where she can share with you everything she had learned in this business. Not only that, she’s also brought here her circle of transsexual friends that are as equally gorgeous and hot as she is!


What does make her porn collection different from everyone else? Well, first, you need to look twice at the models that are featured on the homepage. They look like females who are blessed to have those big tits, flat tummies and busty hips and bottoms. However, the big cocks between their legs are proof that once in their lives, they are men, too. The models here are strictly filtered and Jolie made it sure that the stories are interesting, original, thrilling and of course, satisfying. The videos are represented by thumbnails. You can see right away that you can enjoy free trailers here. And mind you, you can enjoy the free treats in full-screen! Based on the video caps, you’ll see that you can expect a nice mix of hardcore, threesomes, gangbang and even BDSM focused contents here.

The simplicity of the site’s features is amazing as you can pretty much get all the services you need without the need to overcrowd the porn site. Each page will surely make you feel that you are browsing a high-caliber porn collection. The descriptions and details on the site can help you browse smoothly. There are plenty of video trailers and bug photos that you can enjoy before you even decide if you will join this community or not.

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JolieAndFriends is a porn site that is filled with tranny models that you can mistake for as real females. Well, you might even get surprised that their cocks are sometimes bigger, longer and harder than their lovers! Yes, Camilla Jolie had made all of these possible. She had risen to porn fame back in the days she’s working for Pinko Productions. Having learned all there is to learn, she calls out her horny circle of friends and had started a porn site that you would surely want to visit over and over again! The exclusive movies can be streamed in the Flash format. If you want them on your device, you have the option to download them in the MP4 format at a resolution of about 1920×1080 @ 4000 Kbps. That’s pretty amazing, right? There are movies that are also split into episodes. Each one, of course, came with full HD photo galleries, which you can download in a zip file. Averagely, you can enjoy 200 pictures for each one.


Camila Jolie is among the first shemale actress who had successfully crossed the line from a model to a director. She made it sure that she has learned the art of satisfying all kinds of lovers. And yes, you can see right away that Jolie had indeed learned everything there is to learn in the art of pleasing and satisfying viewers. The simple yet highly professional site speaks for Jolie’s porn achievements!

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