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How do you tell if the people are too hot for sex? When are the ladies so dripping wet that they just can’t wait to have a large juicy cock inside of them? It makes you want to rethink a lot of the videos that you can see in porn, right? It makes you notice all the finite details that porn videos have in difference with real life. I mean, when people are crazy for sex, do they still have the time to undress and lie around naked? Or do real people walk around the house naked and just fresh out of the shower every single time, fully knowing that a plumber is coming anytime soon? Who does that? Plus the fact that not all workers are hot. So how does that MILF know that the worker who’s coming is not a regular fat Joe with his tools? These are some of the details that occupy my mind every once in a while whenever I watch porn – and I watch porn A LOT. Yes, that’s right. Every single day, even when I’m not in the office writing reviews about porn sites, I still watch them. I am always on the lookout for porn sites that are unique and a cut above the rest. This is not just job-related at that. I am just a big porn nerd.

Hence, this is the reason why I got so thrilled when FullyClothedSex was assigned to me to write a short review for. Okay, I’m going to be totally honest, I wasn’t too excited at first, thinking that the porn site is just going to be all dry humping. Seriously, that was the first thing that entered my mind. I don’t like dry humping! I love those heated fucking love scenes! Fortunately, for me, and all of us, I was proven wrong. FullyClothedSex is not about dry humping. It is actually a very practical porn site that is intriguingly sensual just because it makes sense! Finally, here is a porn site that doesn’t take its sweet time to have sex. The porn stars there are so dripping wet and craving for sex that they wouldn’t wait to be fully undressed anymore. Still, in their prim and proper clothing, they would fuck already. This was what I was personally looking for – a porn site that is close to real life. If you are looking for the same thing then you are insured luck because anyone can enjoy the awesome porn videos that this porn site has. All you need to do is to sign up for membership and you are all set. This is a premium porn site after all that requires you to pay for membership plan for you to be able to enjoy all the exclusive porn content that they have which you won’t find anywhere else!


The entire website design of FullyClothedSex is pretty simple. As opposed to their content where their stars are mostly fully dressed, the porn site, on the other hand, exposes its offerings in plain sight. In this way, everything that you want to see – which are their latest videos, are already within a click’s reach. You don’t have to search for them anymore. In fact, if you just want to take a look at the porn site first before joining, you don’t need to sign up for a trial membership anymore. By just hanging around the main homepage of the site you are already going to see (and understand) a lot about the porn site and their videos. What’s more is that you will surely enjoy their thumbnails. They are pretty simple without a lot of information crowding the screenshot image that you want to see, but that’s not all, you are also going to see some gif type of thumbnails that serve like short video previews, teasing you to watch the video completely.

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There are different kinds of ladies here. There are big-boobed, big-assed, MILFs, and more! However, we just noticed that most of the beauties that you are going to find here are mostly Caucasian blondes and brunettes. We haven’t noticed other nationalities so far, such as Latinas and Asians. We are not in partnership with this porn site, though, so this is just based on our observation. You might see more women once you have signed up for more membership – and this might be the only comment that we have with this site. We would love to see other nationalities and ethnicities hanging around! But the ladies that the porn site offers, for now, are all extremely beautiful women. In fact, they are some of the prettiest girls we have ever seen online. The creators of the site must evaluate each of their models pretty well to have a wide selection of really beautiful women. As for the content, like what we said, the scenes offer sexcapades while models are in full attire so expect a lot of wrinkled clothing and buttons snapping out of nowhere! And this is exactly what we are craving for.


It is really challenging to find a site like this. Most of the other porn sites that we have found so far that cater to this niche mostly show dry humping, but this one, the FullyClothedSex porn site, is truly a cut above the rest. You won’t get disappointed with their content, that’s for sure. And you know why? I am really hard to impress when it comes to porn sites, so if I was impressed then I’m sure you would too! I hope you enjoy this porn site as much as I do and see you on the next review!

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