Do you feel tired of the regular hardcore porn videos that are shoveled into your face wherever you go? If the answer is a ‘maybe’ or a ‘yes,’ then you have found the best page: our listing of the best fetish porn sites. These portals have hardcore sex that much is true, but due to the different taboo themes and fetish elements, they are very far from being regular or boring! We strongly recommend these porn sites only to those who know what fetishes are, and who are not scared of some BDSM, femdom or other juicy niches. Fetish porn movies are mostly dark-themed, although there are some fetishes which are better when they are shot in a brighter environment.

These two types of the fetish porn niche are easy to tell from one another, so let us tell you a few words about them! The brighter fetish porn videos, for one, are quite hard, but they are shot in a well-lit environment. This is simply because the nature of the fetish requires that: e.g. the ass-worshipping videos focus on the girls’ buttock, as it gets licked, kissed, and even fucked. That’s right! Anal sex is a higher form of butt-worshipping: the harder the action, the bigger the fetish level is, so if you love to kiss ass, but you also think and fantasize about fucking it, then you are a butt-fetishist. The same goes for the other worships too, just like the breast idolizing, feet worship and the rest. As far as men are concerned, they are capable of worshipping any part of a woman’s body… and they do it, that’s why fetish porn is such a varied theme. When a guy worships a woman’s body, he usually has to do it in a bright environment, so he can see it properly, touch it, and play with it. Nowadays, this action is captured in HD or better, just so that you could enjoy it like you were there!

Now, then there are the hardcore fetish porn niches. They are not shot in too dark places, but lights are dimmer, and the real action is pretty hard. The heavy hardcore fetish videos are usually BDSM and domination videos. You can find here sites which feature guys mastering over their girl slave, and doing some not too kind things to her, such as spanking, whipping, and in Japanese fetish porn, there is even electrocuting too! Well, you don’t have to worry about the girls, by the way, because when they have the chance, they get mean with their partner too. You will find here sites with real femdom porn: such as high heel body-walking, males being buttfucked by girls wearing the strap-on, CBT, candle vax dropping and a lot more. Even though the guys have only one hole, the girls are quite resourceful when it comes to putting things into it!

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