Moka Mora

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  • Birth
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  • Height
  • Measurments
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  • Moka Mora
  • July 2, 1996
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • 5’2″
  • 32B-24-28
  • 30+

Early life

The gorgeous Moka Mora was born on July 2, 1991, in Dallas, Texas. She grew up with her father in Barcelona, Spain, where she was home-taught and was a pretty smart student. She played trombone. A couple of years ago, she moved back to the United States to be with her mom who was still living there. She had sex quite early in a very normal situation, but since then, has been quite promiscuous. She has been with around 26 men before porn and more than 15 girls, saying she is very sexual and has a high sexual drive and loves girls more than guys, even though she isn’t confused about her sexuality. She kissed a girl long before she ever kissed a guy, having had a couple of long-term relationships with women. But, she is a very comfortable bisexual.

Before porn, Moka Mora did a couple of jobs as a yoga instructor, spent some time in telemarketing and did some webcam modelling off and on. She was also a professional Dominatrix for about 4 years, having been into BDSM and similar things for about 6 years or so.

She enjoys masturbating, making sure she does it at least twice a day and prefers using her hands, and tasting herself. She used to watch porn even before getting into the industry and her favorites were Anna Bell Peaks and Ramon Nomar, majorly because he was in a lot of gangbangs she used to watch. She prefers to go for the soft, quiet, nerdy kind of guy off camera, and the sweet, soft and smart kind of girl. She says she has a thing for intelligence.

Her hobbies are hoop dancing, aerial acrobatics, and yoga. She is also a chemical engineer and loves working in her own lab. She listens to all kinds of music, from rap to electronic and loves fighting movies like Mortal Kombat. Horror movies are also some of her favourite.

Moka Mora Career

Her stepping stone into the porn world was her dominatrix career, which she did for about 4 years. Moka Mora went fully into her porn career in 2016, when she was 25. Her entrance into porn, was through a Halloween party thrown by Kink. She said she really loved it all and they were the first people to contact her about a shoot. They pretty much made her dreams a reality in her first shoot and they made sure she was extremely eager to get into it, which she is very thankful for till this day.

The first scene shot by Moka, was a hard-core gangbang Double Penetration, in which she played a witch on trial. She had always wanted to be a witch, so she enjoyed the part and was glad because all her fetishes came true in one day and on her first shoot at that.

Her incredible body and beautiful face were a huge stepping stone to success for her in the industry. She has been known to shoot several different scenes in the industry, such as group sex, anal, POV, facial, lesbian, toys, creampie. Her favorite niche however, is gangbang, saying that the more dick in her face, the happier she is.

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