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I’m sure that there are many times when you have wondered how to perfectly pair your masturbation to viewing on a screen. While ‘Wankz’ may be a word that you hardly hear in the American Slang, in the UK, it is common for male masturbation. It refers to the act of pleasuring oneself without knowing any bounds. Most porn sites do not focus on male Jack-offs, instead, they mostly showcase women with hardcore power tools inside their pleasure holes, but this new twist of things is simply amazing. Although ‘Wankz’ is a word that is solely used in the UK, Wankz is an all American adult network that features nothing less than hardcore porn. The performances are trophy-worthy, the sex is scorching hot and the visuals are highly brilliant. So to speak, it is clear that Wankz is not fucking around regarding entertainment. While it may not be uncommon to see group sex scenes, messy cumshots, or DPs, the scenes on Wankz are all on another level.
Wankz also treats you to the company from sexy models like Karlee Grey, Sarah Lovv, and Nikki sex. They are the crème de la crème of the adult world and you will love everything that they have to offer.

The site has proven that it is a worthwhile network and as porn entertainment may not have been satisfactory, the adult sites on this network will make up for all of your mishaps. For a total of 59 websites, a membership sign up is warranted. If you thought porn entertainment was amazing then you need to take a look at the flicks on this site to get the true definition of the word ‘amazing.’ The content is presented in 4k ultra-HD format, something that the site does not depart from even in its new updates. The flicks are also in high-quality 720p and 1080p resolutions and they show a lot of potential as far as the growing content is concerned.
The adult sites on this platform are dedicated to big boobs, creampies, big cocks, handjobs and many hookers. It does not matter if you want to watch names and stepmoms in action, all of your sexual desires will come true. You should most definitely make Wankz part of your vocabulary.
The outlandish network offers sites that are quite excellent. Even you will not mind the super messy creampies and facials. All of the various sites range in themes, therefore, you will have the best variety. This adult site is a hall of raunchiness. In fact, you will not regret signing up for it.


The abundance of arousal on Wankz is one that cannot be disputed. The quality of the site’s flicks has grown with its huge collection, but the high definition obviously shines through. All of the flicks in all the different sites are in high definition quality. Close ups and Pov shots are also here in abundance. The previews feature a lot of hardcore penetration and all sorts of fucking styles. In other words, there is nothing less than good enjoyment. Streaming and downloads are the main way for you to access the content on all of the network sites on Wankz. Each of the flicks is of decent run-time. Thus you will be able to enjoy all of them accordingly. The photos in the galleries are also well-displayed, they also include 3D anime images. There are over 400 pages of images for you to browse, this the site’s good organization is highly appreciated because it enables you to enjoy all that you find on the site quite easily.

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The women on Wankz are most definitely delightful. How could they not be? Of course, they vary from site to site but for the most part, you will be able to enjoy them in a way that only brings you pleasure in its excessiveness. There are those who love to get fucked in the assholes, those who prefer deep penetration in the pussy and a few who find pleasure in banging their fellow women. The models feature from fresh faces to those who are more mature. Although they may not do anything that is out of the norm, they do it perfectly well and this is what makes them exceptional.
As you will be enjoying women from different sites, you best believe that all of your fantasies will be fulfilled. If you are a boob man, the big jugs being flaunted around will meet you at your point of pleasure. On the other hand ‘ass-guys’ will enjoy all of the extra-large asses that are boldly fucked on this platform. The women are also of all kinds of ethnicities, thus your sex comes in a variety. All of the models are either dressed in sexy lingerie or they are in their birthday suits, either way, you will thoroughly enjoy them. From time to time, they will be staring straight into the camera just to remind you that they know you are watching them.
You will meet the likes of Veronica Rodriquez in a sexy interview, Ashli Oro in a cock sucking venture, Billy Guide, and Valerie Waite. They are all top notch models who know more about carnal pleasures and desires all too well. You will be glued to the screen at every instance especially because they are the best thing in life.


Wankz is a solid mega-site that will make all of your dreams and desires come true. You can always sign up and enjoy what is on offer. The collection of over two thousand scenes is massive and presented only in the best quality. All of your fantasies will become realistic. For 59 sites, you could not get any better than this. You will fall in love with this network to a fault.

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