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One of the finest and most exclusive femdom BDSM porn site is ThaiMoneyPrincess. An amazing site that it is, ThaiMoneyPrincess is a game-changer in the world of femdom BDSM and gives a fresh perspective to this amazing niche. Revolving around a cute, beautiful and sexy dominatrix from Thailand, ThaiMoneyPrincess shows the domineering attitude of this slut, and how she makes males fall at her feet and worship her as a living goddess and paying for her ultra-luxurious life. This cute slut has a very arresting smile and comes from a wealthy family.

However, behind her smile lies a sadist who would love to have her way when it comes to sex. Her world is a paradise for any slave man, who wants to do anything to see his mistress happy. Paying her rent, footing her bills for the purchase of luxury goods and dining at expensive restaurants with her friends, these male slaves are everything for her, to satisfy her lust and libido in equal measures. To help you understand this site better, we have presented a review for you. This review covers the design and features as well as a detailed look at this princess and what she does with her male slaves. We have also highlighted the affordability of this site, which will help you to take an informed decision, for we are confident that at the end of reading this review, you will be restless to subscribe.


ThaiMoneyPrincess has a design that is in tune with the central premise and theme with which it gray. Depicting the awesome life of a true dominatrix, ThaiMoneyPrincess highlights a very rare BDSM niche called Financial Domination. We shall delve into this aspect when we discuss the girls and videos, in the next section. For now, let us start with the design and features presented. There are a few things that are prominently displayed right from the word go. The black background is sufficient to set the tone for what to expect. The dark theme of ThaiMoneyPrincess gels very well with this black color. There are additional colors, such as red, silvery-white, golden yellow, dark and light gray and white spread across the site in sufficient measures. This ensures that there is something unique on this site, and not just a bunch of bland colors.

A beautiful welcome banner, a sexy photo of this gorgeous girl, colored logo with some cash over it and a description of this chick, her name and age are shown in the header. The logo is exquisite, for it features red and silvery white prominently. Silvery white also forms the border for the red text. The description of this chick is given in a dark gray box with white text. A light gray button below the description takes one to a detailed description of what the ThaiMoneyPrincess likes to do, doesn’t like to do, and the dos and don’ts that her slaves must agree to. The main body of the site features about 10 videos spread over two review pages, each containing 5 of them. These videos are placed in a gray box with a silver white border. On the top of each box, there is a red strip with the title of the video, some heaped cash, and a tiara to the left, and a golden yellow colored box for Join Now. There are over 50 videos and photos. The videos are in HD quality and can be streamed to your browser or downloaded to your computer. Over 55 photos can be downloaded in a zip format.

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So, the part of the review that you guys have been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived! Yes, we are now going to tell you everything you need to know about the Thai Princess. She is a badass bitch and knows exactly what she wants, also knowing exactly how to get it. She is unapologetic about herself and will treat men like dirt at any given point in time. You will have to throw wads of cash to watch this princess get it on. She will make you fall at her feet whenever she wants you to and you will have to happily oblige all the time. The Thai Princess is a very sexy girl and knows how to use her looks to achieve whatever she desires. She has tastes inexpensive things and she will make your purchase whatever her sexy eyes see. The princess has one sexy ass, but she is not going to give it to you unless you have loads of money to shower on her. She loves catching the balls and make the slave squeal in agony.

This porn site is not for the faint-hearted. You are truly going to enjoy being treated like a slave! Check out the slut and you will realize why men like to become her slave. Her body belongs to that of a sex angel. The boobs are awesome, perfectly round, firm and soft. Fondling and Groping makes her look awesome. Nipples are perky and sprightly, pushing you to suck them hard. Cunts are pink, and love to take hard cocks, but not that easily. The round ass is her biggest asset. Slaves have a fetish to grope the asses and kiss them, but guys must earn the right to fuck this princess and kiss her ass. That’s the premise of ThaiMoneyPrincess, and it will surely make you cum hard after watching the videos in which the slut gets to make the guys dance to her tunes.


ThaiMoneyPrincess is an excellent site to own. A game changer in the BDSM niche, sites like ThaiMoneyPrincess come once in a lifetime and features men used by women, where they are seen begging to get a feel of this princess’ body. She knows how to treat the guys like dirt. ThaiMoneyPrincess is also very affordable, with two plans at your disposal, a monthly and a quarterly plan. The quarterly plan gives you discounts over the monthly plan, making it more attractive. You will not feel that you are spending your hard-earned money on such an awesome site. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join now.

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