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Normally, private parts are supposed to be kept that way; private. Somehow, some women have realized that they can have an edge over a man simply by letting him have a glimpse of what is under their dress. Why men get excited when they see a woman’s exposed skin may be complicated to understand but then; they do get excited and these sophisticated women know it. Today, men who can’t find women that are ready to allow them to have a glimpse of their glory are now turning to the internet to find fulfillment. Thankfully, there are also porn directors who have understood there is a huge population seeking to look down pants and bras. As such, many sites that carry women flashing have suddenly appeared across the web. With this appearance, it has become necessary to sieve the chaff from the real thing. That is why instead of wasting your time combing the internet for a great site to find flashers, just go directly to SophisticatedFlashers. This is a site where sophisticated women are happy to let you see what they’ve got albeit in a subtle way. Whether men agree or not, they get excited when they catch a glimpse of a woman’s panties; when they think she is not aware that they are looking. Men would snuggle close up to a woman they meet on a train or bus if they thought getting closer will allow them to have a glimpse of their mounds. That is why when you get to SophisticatedFlashers, you are bound to be impressed. You will find flashers of all ages ready to bear at the most unexpected places. They will readily flash in a car, at a park or in front of a public building. Sometimes even, they will give you more than a glimpse. You may even catch them pleasuring their self in plain sight. Those who love to see bits and pieces of a woman’s body without necessarily going all the way will love this site. Even if you love to see them masturbate, this site will not disappoint you. There are many flashers on the site, and as you may have gotten from the site’s name, they are sophisticated. However, for you to be able to get the most of what the site has got to offer, you have to join as a member. This will allow you full access to the different web pages of the numerous flashers on the site.


The website site has a simple two column design set against a grey background. The top of the page has a link that reads “check out my blog” immediately under this link is the main page menu that carries tabs for home, members, join, preview and link. If you click on the preview tab, you are taken to another page where you will find thumbnails of the different flashers on the site and the different scenes that they have featured in that week. The join now tab takes you to a page where a visitor who decides to become a member can join. The check out my blog takes you to a blog called “the upskirt addict” where the producer of the site talks about his exploits with the ladies. The site is arranged such that you can choose to view the web page of each flasher. All you need to do is to click on the picture of the flasher and you will be taken to their page. There you will find videos and pictures in which they feature. As a visitor, you may be lucky to click on a model and find a picture with a red band around it. This is the one that is a preview and that you can watch to appreciate the type of videos that you will be presented with once you become a member.

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This site carries a number of flashers most of which are sophisticated. These are not your usual professional flashers that you find around the web. These are real everyday women who are approached by the director to flash for the camera. That is why you will notice that at the beginning of their shoot there is a lot of shyness from the ladies. However, before long they are flashing like that is what they have done all their life. From their act, you will understand that although men love women who flash, women themselves are happy flashing. It is as if it works on their confidence when it comes to embracing their sexuality and their assets. Once they are comfortable with the camera, they forget that anyone is around and just do what they have hoped to do all their life; show what they’ve got. As for the videos they are many and of very good quality. Videos are shot in varied scenes. There are videos where the ladies are flashing on top of rooftops. You will; also, find videos of ladies flashing in their cars. Sometimes, they even go as far as masturbating using objects.


On SophisticatedFlashers, you can find some of the most sophisticated ladies letting you see their private parts. These are of all ages and are mature enough to be able to decide to bare in public. Your membership on the site will allow you access to a huge database of videos of real women flashing. Don’t be surprised you are stuck in front of your computer for hours.

This site no longer exists. For similar content, please go HERE

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