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From 2007, the SoapyMassage was providing sex videos for the visitors, featuring stunning models, well-hung guys and erotic, yet hard sex. Nowadays, it’s more of an archive than a hot porn site, because every sign shows that it hasn’t been updating for quite some time. The latest videos of the SoapyMassage were added in 2012. Fortunately, there is a whole lot more to watch: the site is part of the network called FantasyMassage, and it offers five more sites for you to browse. All sites are covering hardcore sex niches, and they all feature at least one spa-or massage-related fetish. The AllGirlMassage is a place where you can see what happens when a girl gives another girl a happy ending during massage sessions. The TrickySpa tells the story of a refreshing establishment, where the women are eager to settle every dispute with their mouth or pussy or both. During your journey through the network, you should visit the NuruMassage, where the girls are using their body to rub the guys’ muscles, and when everything is slippery enough, they get fucked hard and well. The MilkingTable is also a hot site, where the guys are getting milked by hot chicks, and the MassageParlor is your regular massage-porn portal. Every video you can watch or download from the SoapyMassage is exclusive, and this stands for the bonus sites’ scenes too.


So, let’s open the tour page of the SoapyMassage. There are large, sharp pictures listed, and when you click on one, you can enjoy a preview clip. These clips are short, but they can get you into the right mood. As a visitor, you can watch five trailers daily. The main menu is on the top, and it works, so you can take a look at the photo sets, the girls and the bonus sites too. If you find the tour page to be simple, wait until you can get in. In the members’ area, you can use the same menu you saw on the outer page. As an extra feature, you may use the search engine to get closer to the videos which might feature what you like. There is an option to watch the videos in the browser, and by doing so, you can enjoy them without waiting for the download to finish. Unfortunately, you have to settle for the so-called WebHD quality. If you decide to save the scenes, however, you may get them in HD and Full-HD, so it will be good for your eyes too. The picture galleries feature video captions, but since the movies are mostly shot in high resolutions, they look great. If you want to browse them comfortably, you can save them in zip.

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On the SoapyMassage, the sex is hot; the girls are pretty and everything goes smooth. There are no amateur models on the SoapyMassage. However, there are plenty of girls you may not have heard of before. However, not many unknown or hardly known girls are featured, so it’s sure that you will find a lot of your favorites featured too. As far as we could see, the site seems to focus on two types of girls: the hot, fresh chicks who just got started, and the mature, established – more experienced – models who know how to do porn well. The first kind of models are fooling us, since they are mostly reality porn actors, so they know how to make us believe that they are hot girls with hardly any experience – and their appearance is also a great help in it: natural breasts, tight body, pretty face. The experienced models are the real deal here: women like India Summers are making the world take an extra turn. They might not be the freshest, but it’s damned good to watch them performing in more sensual porn than they are used to do. The SoapyMassage features hot massage room porn. However, it’s rather a spa-related site, since the girls here are not massaging the guys: they are washing their body. In case you have a massage fantasy, or you have a fixation for water-related porn, the site’s collection will satisfy your needs. The exciting and hardcore studio-porn of the SoapyMassage is satisfying, erotic and exciting. Every video has a base situation which turns into soapy sex, and there are quite nice dialogues too, which help to establish the fantasy as you watch the events colliding. The sex that takes place in these movies is nice. There are exhausting blowjobs and lots of pounding. The high level of sensuality makes the videos not just plain hardcore scenes, but they are also good to watch, and much more enjoyable than vanilla porn. The girls get some licking before the guys start drilling, and even anal fingering is something that happens in the movies. Also, the high picture quality is something that helps to increase to experience, because if you save the scenes in their best resolution, you can enjoy the detail of the girls’ body, along with the view of their body shining from the water and the soap.


Though the SoapyMassage doesn’t update anymore, the videos here are terribly sexy, and when the girls get to do their job, they can turn any man out of his religion. When you open the site, you can see that there are pornstars in there and that the videos are erotic. It’s you who can decide whether to join or not, though we recommend the site to join, especially with the other five sites kept in mind.

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