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Are you looking for porn with a twist? Or maybe a site that takes fun to the next level. SlimeWave is a glory hole porn site that takes naive girls and puts them in the line of fire. The girls are in the line of fire but instead of bullets, they were shots with fake jizz. So, if you are into jizz, wet girls and slime then this site is for you. Launched in 2010, SlimeWave has been delivering great content since it started. It is one of the sites that you should visit. Well, this site like its name suggests is an absolute XXX porn site that is full of slime. This is also a site that allows girls to do absolutely anything in the name of sex and fun. It is glory hole porn with a twist. In here, the jizz is nonstop and the cock is a total fake unlike other porn sites. Even though the cock is a fake, there is no doubt that you will get aroused. You see, the pornstars here get soaked by never ending cum concoction. The girls even slip and slide in the jizz that comes out of the fake cock. Some of the girls even soaked from it and from being horny which you can see on the video. In totality, the site has a lot to offer porn fans since this is not the typical site. Once you became a member and logged in, you will have an opportunity to lay your eyes on cum-covered girls. Browsing content is also easy because of the site simple layout and useful browsing tools.


The site has a basic design and user-friendly layout. The simple layout makes browsing content, even the network archive just easy. There are also a number of useful and effective browsing tools that can help filter the content. By using the browse tools you can quickly narrow down the content to the desired scene or model. When you check out the site there is also a tour page which gives potential members a preview of all the enticing trailers and past updates. But, once you become a member you can finally access the more than 297 videos of smoking hot pornstars. Members can have access to exclusive videos in 1080 HD quality without limit. Each video approximately takes about 25 to 50 minutes. The videos can be downloaded in MPEG4 format. Thankfully, it won’t take long to download a video as the speeds were fast with an average transfer rate of around 1.3 per second during the peak period. So, imagine what the download speed is like on slow period. The videos can also be a stream of stunning quality. Streaming any of the HD videos here is effortless, just click on the video and you are taken away to the page where you can stream. What’s more, you can download and stream the movies to any portable devices.

The contents are mobile friendly so you can access their porn even in PSP and iPod. The video also comes with a photo gallery that is worth digging through, if you are looking for cool wallpaper or awesome shot. Take note, each episode has around 100 pictures of the scene that can be downloaded in Zip file. The photos are high-resolution JPEGs and watermarked. They are great as the pictures have a resolution of 1920×1280 pixels. Additionally, members as a bonus can access the live cams and other websites. The photos are high-resolution JPEGs and watermarked. They are great as the pictures have a resolution of 1920×1280 pixels. Additionally, members as a bonus can access the live cams and other websites. The bonus sites allow you to check out all the websites within the TainsterNetwork including PartyHardcore and FullyClothedPissing.  By the way, they promise updates monthly, so you get more porn to enjoy. It is also worth noting that they give enough information with each update, more than what other sites do. Also, members can mark their favorite scene and rate it. Last but not the least they also throw in bonus DVDs, in which, some of the movies on the list are crazy like the thriller with a title of Orgasmatics. This thriller features the strongest vibrator in the world.

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The materials in this site are exclusive and awesome. The girls know how to have fun and get wild. They are fun to watch as they do everything and anything for their profession. Come to think of it! The cumshots here are totally amazing as they go beyond the usual facial cumshots. The girls get soaked by the free flowing cum concoction. They are partially covered in cum which makes them look even sexier. Keep in mind the girls are very hot and horny to fuck on camera. So, they would start sucking on a huge dick that they see. And since cums never seemed to stops flowing, the girls much to their dismay need to take them head on. Good thing, the stunning Eastern European pornstars manage to suck the dick with free flowing cum concoction with style.


In summary, SlimeWave is a great glory hole porn site with a unique theme. The site uniqueness makes them one of the porn sites worth checking it. They have done a pretty good job of sticking to their promises. The porn site consistently delivers HD quality porn. That is not all, when you join this site, you are not just getting all of its awesome content but also the other sites of TainsterNetwork. Not to forget the live shows, updates and other features that make the site one of the best wacky porn sites online.

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