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We all love getting into selfies or groupies, don’t we? However, I bet people are more interested when the ones in those groupies or selfies are sexy, don’t we also agree? It’s even sexier when they’re naked! Them naked sexy girls, we like! Let me present to you guys then the site that features them hot naked girls! It’s Selfshot! This site is the bomb, it just is. It shows us pics of them amateur girls shooting their pics in front of the mirror or selfie sticks or simply just taking a selfie, showing their really good figures and cute faces and everything. They may not be completely naked, but that just adds to the sexy quality of the pic!


Like any other site that is governed by porn networks, you’re going to have to become a member first before you can access these sites. You can become a member by signing up on the page. It’s pretty simple actually. You just provide all of the things that are required for you to become a member, and you get access to 12, yes, 12 other sites that are owned by AllOfGFs network, featuring all those sexy amateur girls that are on those sites as well. One of the unique things about this site though is that you have to provide a Twitter account to show that you’re not an alternate account or using fake pictures of yourself. It’s their way of ensuring that the pics are of the person who posted them. You can also post your pics here actually. That’s why they’re ensuring that you’re using a valid account. That’s that for the membership process, now let’s go to the site itself.

It’s decorated with a background that gives off the feel of something very casual. It’s like they’re welcoming you to the site, and you should post photos of yourself on that site. With that black background with some design and the white text are those sexy pics from those amateur users. They’re sexy, and below those pics are brief descriptions of what’s in that photoset, as every photo that was placed out there have photosets behind them. There are no biographical data though because they’re only amateurs, but it’s still all good. However, when you do become a member and once you log-in, you’re gonna find in one site all of the content that AllOfGFs can provide to you. You can filter it to just Selfshots so that you can see all the sexy goodness on that site. It’s very easy to navigate through, featuring first the newest photo albums and then the videos that are available on the site, etc. You can also sort all the content in there using the sorting tools that are available, so there’s the handy part down. Not just the pics, you also get some videos. You’re going to see some sexy videos from those sexy amateurs, it’s just gonna be good and you’re going to be able to kill time using this.

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Selfshot uses some of the hottest random amateur girls on the web. They’re real and authentic girls who you can chat to and trade pics with because they’re authenticated using their Twitter accounts. In this site, you’re going to see around 100 videos and also around the same number of photo sets that are available. The videos as well as the photo sets are constantly being updated, albeit in random intervals. This is shown more heavily for the movies, as sometimes, they get a gap of half a year or so when it comes to updates, but hey, the girls as well as what they do in those are pretty sexy, you wouldn’t mind it. There are videos, and these videos can go up from around a minute to ten minutes with regards to its length. They’re not as long as most porn videos on the net that are considered “full length,” but they’re still hot enough to get you teased or satisfied.

These real, sexy girls do some stuff by themselves in those videos that they shot themselves, or if they can they do it with a partner and show you a real show. They do some stripteasing or some masturbating, it’s sexy. They touch their hot bodies and play with it. These videos come in MP4 format, and they can go up to 640p, pretty alright considering these are self-made and are mostly shot using their phones. There are also very sexy pics too. There are photo sets that contain 5-10 pics, however, there are also some that can shoot up to around 300-400 pics per set. It’s pretty massive when you think about it, there are sites that take pics of only 1 girls and still only have a photoset of around 100 or so pics. These pics may shoot up to 900p quality, so you may be able to see some nice pics on that site.


So here we are, we’ve seen what the site can do. Anyways, you don’t have to rely on this piece of information, as it’s better if you see the site yourself. It looks like Instagram, only that Selfshot posts pics that are way sexier and better than those you see on Instagram. You get to see all those amateur girls just do their thing and make some really big splash, coming from your dicks and what not, if you know what I mean. We can see these real, sexy girls here! We can see them doing some really hot stuff here! You don’t have to go anywhere. Just visit Selfshot and enjoy.

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