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There is no man on Earth, who doesn’t like hot fresh girls, who still enjoy sex, and like to feel a cock inside them. On SeeMyGf, you can find a large selection of videos and pictures featuring hot amateur cuties, who are performing a wide range of sexually explicit actions. SeeMyGf has regular updates, and it features only real amateur pornography, where a real person and performing real sex. If you don’t want to watch reality porn, where professional porn stars are trying to play they were indeed fresh and innocent, then you are at the right place. This site has the real deal. The content is not exclusive, though since everybody can upload their home video to other sites, but SeeMyGf has the biggest compilation of real home porn, and you don’t need other sites, because you can find it all here at one place.

Amateur porn is an old and popular thing. Even when people were using expensive cameras that recorded to a video tape there were many home porn in circulation. Those adventurous, experimenting couples can be considered pioneers in the porn industry since lots of videos were made with hand cameras and some guys didn’t put it down when the real action began: these scenes are the forefathers of the POV porn. We can thank those amateurs the gonzo style because John Stagliano was blending the amateur camera handling with professionalism and hardcore porn. Lucky for the amateur porn lovers, the quality of the homemade porn is increasing rapidly. You can forget the ugly scenes made in low resolution with phones from the ’90. Today everyone has high quality, 720p or 1080p cameras in their pocket or tablet case, and when today’s couples start banging, they get their phones in the hand (or hid it somewhere in the room) and the whole intercourse is captured.


The content of SeeMyGf is amateur, and when you first stumble upon the tour page, you may even think that the site itself is home-made too. But don’t let the appearance and the simplicity fool you. There is a good engine running in the back, and when you join the site, you will get to an organized and easy to use membership area. The tour page is long but simple as drawing a point. On the top, you can find the name of the site, and some keywords. There is one main thing you need to know if you decide to take the tour: you should click on every picture and video, except those that will invite you to join. So when you go through the page, as you scroll down, you can run into some picture galleries (e.g. the first picture pile on the top of the page) and working videos. There are some rather long videos, you may find some 5 minutes long ones, thus you can get an insight about what to expect.

The videos are in various formats and are shot in different resolutions. You can watch in the browser, and since they are not too big files, they load very fast, and luckily the player is quick and the stream is stable. There is an option that lets you download the videos in their original format. That means, that you can save WMV, MP4 and AVI files, thus build your own library of hardcore amateur porn. All sites that are presenting home-made porn have huge picture galleries, and that’s true for SeeMyGf too. There are over 5000 picture sets, and apart from the ones that are coming with the videos, you can find stand-alone photo compilations too. The flicks and pics on the site are all reachable using smartphones and tablets too, so if you are sitting on a bus or a train, and have a long road ahead, you can watch some porn vids or hot pictures of gorgeous chicks. If you watch videos remember to put on the earphones!

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The cuties appearing in the videos of SeeMyGf are real-life chicks, maybe you even met with some of them, or they live next door, you can never know. There are no porn stars featured on the site, so the only thing that you can expect is honest real fuck. The girls and guys are really doing it, and not for the camera, but for their own enjoyment, and this way all moans, sight and even screams are real and they come from actual feelings. You can see all kinds of chicks on the videos and the pictures: Caucasians, Latinas, Blacks and Asians, and it’s sure that there are some Indians around too.

They are all beautiful and 99 percent of them are naturals while the remaining 1 percent has some modifications here and there (lips and tits mostly). The sex that occurs in front of the camera is varied. You can find lots of cowgirls riding the dick of their boyfriend, all the way you can imagine. There are also many hardcore doggy-style actions and you may run into some nasty anal penetrations. Just look at the girls’ faces when they realize that their ass is going to get pound: first they are afraid, but after a few thrust they start to enjoy it. Those who want to watch curious, experimenting cuties making some steamy lesbian love, will be satisfied, there is a large pile of that kind of action too, as well as some solo masturbation and striptease.


SeeMyGf has over 3000 user submitted real amateur videos, and the amount is increasing daily, just the quality of the uploaded scenes. The picture gallery that you can access is outstanding and has a lot of hot photos. The number of galleries is more than 5000, and the whole collection consists of nearly 250000 pictures that you can view or save. There are no limitations and restrictions on the site, you can keep what you save and you can download as much as you want. The membership on SeeMyGf is essential for those who want a huge collection of amateur porn that can be reached from one site.

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