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What can determine a good sex? Is it from the way your partner looks? Is it how loud she moans? How good she sucks your cock? Is location a prime factor? Whatever it is, good sex is anything that shoots your adrenaline to the roof and takes you to the wilderness, right? Speaking of wilderness, one of the sexiest ways to pleasure yourself is a trip to a deserted location such as the Safari where the only sound that you’ll hear is the banging of your hips and the moans of pleasure. Aside from that, what could be more exciting than doing it out in the open? If you are into this porn, Safari Sex got you covered.

It is an extremely interesting site which features African girls bravely having sex outdoors. This will surely make you change your perspective upon hearing the word “Safari.” Now, you’ll not only think of wild animals and the hot climate but you’ll also be able to think of wild and horny girls and the hot sexy scenes from Safari Sex porn site. For more information about this site, Safari Sex was launched in 2016 and is under the Global Content Services LTD. Global Content Services LTD is a porn company from Belize which currently has over seventy porn sites under its management including Safari Sex. With your membership, you should be able to get your access to one bonus site, which adds more value to the money you are paying. This bonus site is the French Pickup and, just like the Safari Sex porn website, is also on the same network.


The site has a good choice of theme that you’ll hardly believe that it’s a porn site. Well, of course, you can’t deceive your eyes because the still images of these African girls in the homepage are too hard to ignore. The theme of the porn site is sunset by the Sahara where you’ll see a tree which looked like a Saharan Cypress and a giraffe. It’s truly very appropriate for its title “Safari Sex”. In the homepage, the site also conducts a quick survey for its viewers like the porn preference of the viewers, etc. Unlike some of the porn sites that are all glitters and a clutter of erotic pictures, I find this website’s design more organized and convenient to use.

Navigating the site was not rocket science. All thanks to the menu bar, which they tried to keep simple yet useful. Aside from the homepage tab, it also has the tab which will take you to the videos and your favorite videos. When selecting the tab for the videos, you’ll then be redirected to a page filled with video thumbnails of girls doing their thing. Having a glimpse of all these videos in one look could be tedious, so the site takes the initiative to allow you to sort the videos by the most recent ones, by the most popular ones and by its name or title. It also has an advanced search tool whenever you have something specific in mind. Anyway, this can easily be found since the videos are also tagged.

Aside from that, they are also categorized into seven: African, Anal, Amateur, Big Butts, BBW, Big Breasts and Big Cocks. When viewing a specific video, you can also see pictures that were taken from the scene. There is also the date when it was uploaded and how long it is. You can also rate the video. If you happen to like the video that much, you can favorite it and it’ll show up in your Favorites tab. Moreover, you can also select from the streaming options depending on which you prefer the most. You can also download the videos.

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African girls are the spotlight in every video from Safari Sex. These ebony girls are a group of amateur to semi-professional porn stars. There are slim models, there are chubby models and there are also average frames too. The variety is wide enough that you won’t get tired of watching the same face over and over again. These sluts are also gifted with big butts and big breasts. Aside from that, they are also a bunch of good cock suckers and pussy eaters. There are a lot of group sex scenes and oral sex scenes and almost all video includes a hardcore sex. One of the videos shows an ebony vixen’s hairy pussy getting slurped by this white guy. Then after a minute of pleasure, the girl shows her gratitude by sucking her partner’s throbbing cock until it cums. The video didn’t stop there because the girl continued pleasing herself after a while and the guy returns to the scene jacking off and releasing a warm and massive load to the girl’s tits.


If you are up for some Safari adventure but too lazy to get off from the comfort of your house, checking in Safari Sex porn website is the best thing that you can do! It has everything that you need in one place. You can enjoy the beautiful Safari view, ogle at hot African whores, and jack off to good porn that’s worth 20 to 30 minute of your time. Of course, these aren’t just the ones you can enjoy if you get your hands on a Safari Sex porn site membership. You will get surprised and amazed at how much value you can get if you are a patron of the site. So what are you waiting for? The adventure awaits you at the Safari Sex porn website.

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