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The greatest innovations are those that become ubiquitous and become one with human life. Of the many innovations that have influenced the world, the Internet has had the biggest impact. Apart from the access to information, Internet has also been used for delivering content, such as music, videos and movies. Porn is not immune to the growth of the internet, and when some famous personalities were asked what was the first thing they did when they got access to Internet, they said they accessed a porn site. This was way back in the early 1990s, when Internet was introduced, and such was the popularity of the porn even then. The popularity of porn has not diminished even a little bit, though many people have questioned its relevance, including the moral police of various countries. However, porn is here to stay and as long as we have porn lovers on this planet, porn will survive.

The only question is how porn is delivered and consumed? Though internet is the major medium through which porn gets delivered, the way it is consumed has undergone a lot of changes. Until recently, CDs and DVDs gave way to live cam shows, and today, virtual reality has taken porn by storm. VR, as it is popularly known as, uses a set of goggles that is used to watch the porn content provided by sites. What sites provide VR-based porn since it is a niche? A handful of them, but I liked RealityLovers. RealityLovers is an awesome site that provides you with the most authentic VR porn content that you will ever come across. From the porn stars featured in the videos to the themes of the videos and design and features of this site, RealityLovers is one place you will want to be after a hectic day’s work, and jerk-off your evenings to glory. Come, let me take you through a sneak-peek of the 2017 AVN Awards nominated site, RealityLovers.


The design of this site has been brilliantly executed, and I liked the way it has been designed. I would give it a five-star rating as the site has very simple features, colors and navigational tools. The simplicity of RealityLovers is also its hallmark. The site is so sexy, I am falling short of words as to where to start from. Let us start from the very beginning. The site opens up to two beautiful lesbian sluts, embracing each other in a lying down position. Licking each others’ tongues, their nudity adds to the sex appeal of the picture. Staring into the camera’s eyes, the sluts emerge the ultimate champions of RealityLovers, telling guys like us what to expect from this site.

Simple links are sufficient to take you to the joining page, login page, the blog page and help page. There is a major Coming Soon section devoted to the next two releases to this site, and you will never miss this out. The screenshot of the video, the title of the video and the release date are prominently displayed for your benefit. There are 67 videos in alternating red and gray backgrounds and spread over a dozen pages. The videos are arranged in reverse chronological order. The videos have a title, a brief description, the release date and duration. You can watch a trailer, streaming to your browser. On subscription, you can download these videos too. There are 10 thumbnails of the video screenshots, and you will love the way the sluts watch you while getting fucked.

There is a black button, More Details, and on clicking this, you are taken to a dedicated page for the video. I believe you are familiar with the use of VR gears, such as Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift. If you do not own any of these googles, you can even use your smartphone. However, if you are not familiar, you can always fall back on this site and use the Help section or the Tutorial section in the Blogs page to know how to use the VR gear to enjoy porn. Each trailer is about a couple-and-a-half minute long and showcases the most important scenes. We will describe these videos in the next section on Girls and Videos. The blog section has a newsletter subscription page, in addition to giving you tips and updates on the site, the chicks and a peek into their private lives.

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The girls are, well, not girls, but hardcore sluts and bitches who love to get fucked in front of the camera. They are confident, shed all inhibitions and give a very natural performance while getting fucked by the largest and hardest dicks. In these porn videos, the slut is looking directly into your eyes. This allows you to participate actively in the porn video, albeit virtually. Giving a stupendous performance while staring at your eyes is a very difficult prospective, and these porn stars have all the right elements to give you such a performance.

The porn stars are diverse and you have straight chicks and lesbian chicks. There are European and American chicks, ebony bitches and the uber-sexy Latinas. You can also find redheads, brunettes, blondes and dark haired cunts. Bodies of these chicks are beyond words and describing them would be an insult to them. I would leave the decision to you to check them out on the Girls Link in the Blog Section. Most videos are made in POV format, but you can also enjoy voyeur and lesbian porn as a passive witness.

I liked Noemilk’s Summer Memories. In a tropical resort where I stayed, Noemilk kept me busy every day with her sexy moves. What I liked about her was her shapely body, with the most amazing boobs. Being an ebony slut, she had dark skin, but it was her areola and nipples that attracted me to her the most. These were darker in comparison with the rest of the skin but stood out prominently on the terrace when she removed her bikini top. She loved the sight of my hard dick and sucked it like a hungry cat licking milk. She titty-fucked me, making me go out of control. She then rode me, in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, before she took my warm cum in her mouth. Seeing the white cum dripping on her dark complexion made me go crazy.


Wow, there is a lot we covered about RealityLovers, and I think this is the best site I have ever visited. To write so much about a site requires a lot of thought, and believe me, it was tough writing this review because I did not know how to begin. The site is affordable and you can opt for a prepaid or a recurring plan. Well, while writing the review, I checked this site and it gave me only the recurring option, but later, it gave me both the above options. So, it is at the discretion of the site that this changes frequently. Opt for the annual recurring plan, and you will save significant money and keep jerking off to the most intense porn videos on the Internet.

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