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Massages are a great way to get your partner into a sexual mood. When you give a girl a massage, you relax all her muscles, thus allowing her to get into the mood and willing to do anything you want! This goes for both genders too. When a guy gets into the mood and is relaxed after a good massage, he can fuck harder and longer because his muscles have a lot more energy in them. Incorporating massage into its porn videos makes NuruMassage such a great porn site to subscribe to. The site features a wide variety of massage porn, including straight, gay/lesbian and threesome porn for you to enjoy. In this review provided below, we have presented main information about this site that would help you to take a confident and educated decision, regarding its subscription. We have objectively analyzed the design and features of this site first. The second part of the review focuses on the girls and videos, describing the sexual vibes that the porn videos provide you.


The creators of this site have done a great job of breaking the mold. Instead of using the bright and saccharine colors that many porn sites tend to use, this site has opted for a subtler palette. The color scheme used in this site includes cyan and black. This creates a comfortable and cool ambiance for you to enjoy, akin to that of a luxurious massage parlor! These colors are subtle enough to allow the thumbnails for the videos to stand out and grab your attention while providing a beautiful aesthetic appeal to the layout of this site. The tabs on the top left of the page take you various locations of this site. The tabs used include links to the videos, pictures and the porn stars featured in the videos. Another tab takes you to the bonus porn sites that you can watch on subscribing to this one.

The big yellow button, Join Now, towards the top right, is hard to give a miss. Yellow is a bright color and catches your attention very quickly. Next to this button, there is clickable purple text that says “Submit A Fantasy.” On clicking this link, you are taken to a page where you can submit your amazing massage porn idea. Your idea could become the subject of the next porn video at NuruMassage if it gets enough votes through the user forum. Cool, isn’t it? “Submit A Fantasy” is clearly the most unique feature of this site that is difficult to match.

Subscribing to this site will be very affordable, with discounts offered if you subscribe for the long term. Trust me when I say that this site is truly worth the money you are going to spend on it. With weekly updates, you will have new videos and pictures in high definition. You can download them or watch them streaming to your system. Each video, picture and porn star can be given a rating in the form of likes and dislikes, and comments can be given too. This feature gives you a sense of ownership to the site. Overall, this site has created a high-quality porn experience for you to enjoy, and the design used ensures the presence of a calm and soothing ambiance that would accentuate your sexual experience a great extent.

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The main theme of the porn that is featured on this site involves massaging one or more of the participants and thus, providing a sexual experience that is intimate and passionate. The featured girls love to get their bodies oiled up and massaged by hot hunks. Trust me, watching them getting oiled will make you rock-hard in no time; and when the hot hunk massages a slut, he gets an instant hard-on and loves to ram his dick into these bitches. That’s his reward for giving the cunts a great massage! The porn videos feature a variety of massage situations, and both sexes are involved equally in giving you an out-of-this-world porn experience. All videos have a theme, either a beautiful slut wants to have an aromatic massage done through a strong hunk, or a handsome stud needs to relax his muscles and body after a hectic day’s work. In either case, the aromatic oil used in the massage starts to work its magic, and the covered girl/guy gets into the mood in no time.

However, the actual magic starts when the slut starts stroking the guy’s dick, or the hunk massages the bitch’s pink cunt. The sensuousness of the massage makes them want to fuck. The fuck that follows is intense, intimate and passionate, making this site a must watch for porn lovers like you. Since there are hundreds of porn videos on this site, each shot in 1080p I might add, there is a lot of variety to be found here. You can see porn videos involving threesomes, both two guys and a girl and two girls and a guy. There are gay/lesbian videos as well, for your viewing pleasure. The user submissions ensure that the porn on this site remains realistic and genuine, providing you with a high-quality porn experience for sure.


This site offers a high-quality massage porn experience, leaving you feeling teased and titillated for sure. My advice to you is not to watch this porn alone. While you will get amazing jerk-off sessions day-after-day when watching alone, the true worth of this site is when you have your partner with you. Watching this porn is as good as having a great foreplay. You can use aromatic oils to work your partner and then indulge in the most passionate and intimate sex.

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