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I have to admit, I super duper love to watch messy and hardcore sex scenes that shake the female leads to their core. This includes a lot of kinks and fetishes, to be honest, but it is all worth it in the end, especially when I finally get to see my favorite girls’ release their pleasure in soft but audible moans. For the most part, there are a lot of things that get me off as a man who enjoys every moment of his life when it comes to the right kind of porn. Having said that, I do keep my options open and I do not mind trying out the newer stuff if it means I get to widen my scope when it comes to this kind of thing. I love everything that depicts a steamy sex scene, with all the right switches pressed, and girls who are just so into it, they do not mind the filter of mess they have acquired and have succumbed to. I most certainly do not mind the rather “messy” or for this instance, “oily” encounters because it adds life and punches to the already hardcore sex scenes.

For starters, I find lube or lubing a very hot start to a seemingly intense looking activity. It does sound like some fetish I have but I am sure many of you out there love to see lubed up women, naked and begging to be fucked from behind or up front. It also does not help when you get to see a messy scene with lots of delicious group sex to par with. Well, this is exactly what Lubed is all about. It is all about getting creatively messy with oil, water, cum, or even raw pussy juice – you name it. The thing with Lubed is that it is as hardcore as it can get and for those of you who love group sex more than anything else, this place is the perfect place to find pleasure. I am not saying they don’t have the one on one interaction, it’s just that group sex dominates this porn site being managed by AMA Multimedia and Fuck You Cash. Now, the site is fairly new, only having been launched earlier this year (2016) so there is not much content right now.


Lubed has a very easy going and very neat looking website design, the navigation is pretty simple, and the overall interface the site has is very user-friendly. The site is very straightforward and links are found easily on the top most of the main page. It is mostly just buttons that will navigate you towards the entire scene list, the top rated scenes, a model index, and the member’s login page. When you have signed up as a member, you will easily be able to slither your way through the site with no hassles since there are no ads that randomly pop out of nowhere. For those who are still thinking of doing so, there is a limited trial version, but you will only be able to access one or two videos before it expires. Once you are inside, you will notice that the main page serves as a huge portal to various scenes and videos, as there are video thumbnails everywhere; in rows and columns, if I must say. These scenes are usually dated and titled, with the names of the starring models. These are the most top rated of all videos. If you wish to view the entirety of the content, you can head on to the “Scenes” button and eat your heart out with the steamiest and most hardcore of lubed up sexual encounters.

Right now, there is a total of almost 15 photo sets on the site, and they are all in wonderful HD resolution, with a staggering 4000 x 2000 px. Sadly, you cannot download them in zip files. What you can do, though, is view them in slideshow form online or save them individually. Yes, I was not exaggerating when I said the quality is wonderful. The site has a variety of sorting options, but there is no search bar, there is a filter function which you can use to segregate the scenes. There is also the option of saving your chosen videos into your favorites, which is by far the easiest way to access them again at a later point. The site also manages to squeeze in a comment box where you can comment each scene or video. You may also rate them to your liking, from one star to five stars.

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I have got to say: Lubed has gorgeous ladies to be proud of. They are the prettiest bunch I have seen in a while and I love how game and horny they look and act like. They certainly do not mind all the lubing up, the licking, the sucking, the fingering, the threesomes, the foursomes, the gang bangs, and anal fucking – they were all game and ready to go at each other. Since Lubed is pretty new to the scene, there are only 15 videos as I am writing this. Not bad since they recently just started and the updates are rolling in fast with the weekly uploads. Not to mention, their video quality goes as high as 4K. Speaking of video quality, all of it can be viewed in either 1280 x 720 resolution, 1920 x 1080 resolution, or a 4096 x 2160 resolution. All scenes can be downloaded and saved in MP4 format or WMV format, and can also be watched via the browser.


I must say that Lubed has a lot of potential before it. It just started but they have exceeded my expectations when it comes to video quality, plot lines, and the hardcore sex. Totally recommending it to you guys (or girls) out there who love gorgeous women and oily hardcore sex.

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