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LesbianPickups is an engrossing MentalPass Network porn site featuring kinky, horny and uber-sexy Czech lesbians. These bitches love going down and getting dirty, eating and fingering each other’s pussies, and experiencing insane orgasms at the end. Awesome porn sites use true-blue lesbians, and these sites follow this rule to the T. LesbianPickUps is one such site, following this rule in terms of both letter and spirit, for its premise is to offer a kinky blonde slut cruising around the country, giving a hitch-hike to an unsuspecting chick, and engaging in an outstanding round of lesbian sex with her. You must really subscribe to this site if this is the kind of storyline that gets your mind racing to masturbate.

If you get turned on by the prospect of watching the sexiest lesbians eating and fingering each other’s pussies and making sweet wonderful love to each other, then this is a perfect site for your kinky fantasies. The site features sluts intensely ‘doing’ crazy stuff to another. Their soft touch is different as compared to the firm touch of a true man. Their touches are erotic, sending waves of ecstasy across the slut’s bodies, giving them goosebumps. These warm touches set you on a horny adventure, till your cock is wet with warm pre-cum oozing out of your penile orifice. This review of the premium site is intended to educate you concerning the benefits you can get from watching the right porn content that serves you best. It informs of the best features of this site and how they benefit you the most.


Presented by the MentalPass Network, LesbianPickUps comes with a lot of goodies and freebies, which we will describe in this review. One of the best features of the site is in its design. You will surely be invited to a platform that is well thought out, packed full of several navigations and access tools. You can begin your lesbian porn entertainment escapades and enjoyment by clicking on the thumbnails and getting straight into the central area. A drop down menu is featured to give users a quick glimpse at the entertainment choices and other details. You can also follow the models in their performances as there is some kind of model index also featured. Although the index does not go deep and provide all their bios and other stats, it achieves its accessibility function and offers an option to choose videos by model. If you wish to locate a specific content you need to check it out manually, for there is no search tool for you to automate the process. However, the design is so good, that it makes up for the lack of a search tool.

Other exciting aspects of the design and features of the wonderful site include the interactive element that allows users to rate scenes and post comments about the models. The content on the premium site loads impressively fast irrespective of the device you are using. The lesbian video clips come in full HD specs that hit the 1080p standards. You can also check out the enjoyment and entertainment site from my mobile phone. You will be quite impressed to learn that content streaming and downloading on mobile devices is as seamless as it is on PC. So, you bet you will surely steal some of those idle work hours savoring the steamy lesbian sessions that ensue on the amazing site. So, you bet you will surely steal some of those idle work hours savoring the steamy lesbian sessions that ensue on the amazing site. The color scheme is excellent, with a set of basic colors that run across all the MentalPass sites, and one color to differentiate one site from another. The basic colors are white, gray and black, while the color specific to LesbianPickUps is orange. Orange highlights the critical texts and links very beautifully, against the white and black backgrounds.

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LesbianPickups features some of the most tantalizingly horny lesbian models you have ever watched in action. It offers you sluts that are experts on getting down on one another without feeling any loss of male companionship. If you have been craving for horny Czech lesbian site to teach you a thing or two about lesbian sex, then LesbianPickups must be your ultimate choice. You will learn about how to get a slut running wild and yearning for an orgasm in the quickest possible time. The action in the videos is organized in a manner that there is a reason for the women to get down in naughty antics and erotic sexual encounters. There is always a precursor. You are presented with sluts getting quite close and bonding right from the social front in such a manner that you notice when sparks begin to fly high between them.

When they ultimately decide to cool off the steam, you are already set for the intense and stimulating encounter. In fact, you see it coming before it really happens. Therefore, you are already grounded in the chain of events. The videos are filmed by professionals. There is no shaking or wavy feel to the action. Some of the other MentalPass Network sites include CzechVR, CzechVRCasting, CzechVRFetish and CzechGFS. They offer both complementary and varied entertainment. There is enough entertainment to keep you hooked for days on end. The site features about 20 HD quality lesbian porn video scenes. Each of the flicks plays for an average of 20 minutes. The videos can be viewed and downloaded in MP4 file format at the highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 8175 kbps. The scenes can also be streamed to a flash player, which is embedded on the site to be watched online.


LesbianPickUps offers hot and steamy lesbian porn enjoyment and entertainment in a unique fashion. Breathtakingly beautiful models performing in unscripted and genuine scenes add to the entertainment quotient considerably. Impeccable quality, tantalizing lesbians and amazingly shot lesbian videos ensure that LesbianPickUps is always rated the best. Subscription is reasonable, for you get a 43% discount when you opt for the six-month plan. Of course, you have the liberty to choose a three-month or a one-month plan too. With your subscription, you get goodies and freebies in the form of access to all 9 sites in the network. If you don’t call this an amazing deal, what else will meet your requirement? Don’t hesitate and join now!

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