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Have you ever tried watching a Japanese porn scene from a free porn site? It is such an annoyance, right? Not only are the videos grainy and unclear, there are also some parts of the video that are pixelated and censored. Who censors porn? If a video is censored and pixelated in the dirtiest areas that are actually the reason why you were viewing the videos in the first place, would that still be considered as porn? Probably not. Hence, it is such a great deal for us when we have found the site that we are going to feature in this review today. This porn site’s name is Jap Box, and according to the site’s tagline, it is the “uncensored Japanese porn tube”, which is absolutely great. Here, we will be able to watch porn to our satisfaction, without worrying about those bothersome pixels ruining the scene. Aside from being uncensored, another thing that we love about the videos on this site is also the fact that all of their scenes are in full high definition. Yes, that’s right. Say goodbye to those grainy images that you see on free porn sites because all of the videos here on Jap Box are crisp and clear. Are you already thinking of signing up for this porn site? Then don’t worry because we have all the information that you will ever need right here. First, the sign-up process is pretty simple and basic. In fact, it would not even take a few minutes. All you need to do is enter your information like the username that you are going to use, your email address, and your password. And then, of course, it would then be your chance to select the membership option that you want. There are three membership plans that you can choose from: one-month, three-month, and a twelve-month option. According to the site, the one that is most popular among their existing members is the twelve-month option. Besides, if you ask us, that is what we would suggest as well because it gives us a great deal of value for our money. Finally, if you want to make sure that you are going to enjoy the porn site first before finally signing up, then why don’t you opt for the one-day trial option first, instead? In this way, you would just be paying for a very minimal price but you will already get to view and explore all the selections that the site has for you.


The website design of this porn site is very simple. Its layout is just the header, and then it’s already straight to the thumbnails of their video offerings. As for the design, the color of the header is just a simple black one, while the background is gray with pink accents on buttons. There are no flashy banners on this site, nor are there annoying pop-up ads. In fact, even the thumbnails area pretty streamlined, with only the video’s length on them and an invitation to download once you hover over them. You won’t even find a title. We are guessing that this is because the videos will pretty much speak for themselves already, besides the fact that they might be following the minimalistic aesthetic of the Japanese, but of course, we will never know for sure.

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Anyway, let us now move on to the most important part of the review – the girls! We just love Japanese girls. Don’t you? Their bodies are well-proportioned. Sure, they also have pornstars with big boobs, but they are not gigantic, and somehow they are still balanced to the proportion of their body. Not to mention the fact that they also look more natural, as compared to some of their Western counterparts. We don’t know about you guys but we find that sometimes the boobs and ass that we see on porn are pretty outrageous already that instead of finding it appealing, it is already becoming quite a turn-off. However, you won’t experience that feeling on Japanese porn and their pornstars. Moving on to the videos, we just love how varied the videos on Jap Box are. They are not restricted to one type of category or genre. In fact, they have pretty much-covered everything from anal action to a girl on girl scenes. Aside from that, they have also included the special Japanese porn genres like cosplay, which brings us to the next topic: our favorite videos. We actually have two favorite videos. First, we enjoyed watching a video where there was this chick dressed up as one of our favorite characters from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, and she really looked like her complete with her blue hair and space suit. She was fucked doggy style, and in other different sex positions as well. Another favorite of ours was a public sex scene starring two Japanese pornstars. In the video, they were convenience store clerks when suddenly they started flashing their tits to their customer. The next thing we know is that they are already getting fucked and fingered right there inside the convenience store! Pretty awesome, right? Only in Japan.


To conclude, we really enjoyed our tour of Jap Box. To end this review, allow us to mention two of the porn site’s features that have really impressed us. First, we love that they actually upload new videos daily. How often do you encounter a porn site that is actually updated every single day? Sure, there are other porn sites that have regular updates, but most of them are done weekly. Another feature that we really appreciate is the fact that they have made the porn site completely mobile optimized. With this, you can access the site, even while you’re traveling elsewhere and don’t have your computer with you. In fact, you can even sign up or renew your membership straight from your mobile phone. Thank you, Jap Box!

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