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There comes a point where we just get bored of all the same old fucking videos. Perhaps we need something different occasionally to spice things up for our jerk off sessions. What if we tell you there is something like that for you? Women getting down and dirty, baring it all and ensuring to do anything for your pleasure. And best of it all you will not see any men on this website. So, no cocks around to turn you off. So, what is this website we are talking about so much? Well, it is InFocusGirls. InFocusGirls is one of the longest and well-known websites out there on the internet. They have been around for almost a decade. It is very obvious from the name itself that InFocusGirls mainly focuses on the girls doing things to themselves on all their videos. Brilliant camera angle and the close-up of women and their pussies. You will not see anything clearer than this after one look at their videos. These girls are the real deal. They will go to places that you would only dream of. And these girls are just drop dead gorgeous. The videos on InFocusGirls pretty much start the same sexy way. They begin with the women going real slow at pleasuring themselves, and then pick up the pace gradually to lead it into this hot and steamy action where they just get wild and crazy. These women either pleasure themselves alone or get along a little help from their female co-stars. We are sure this brief description itself may have turned you on immensely. So, do not waste any more time and visit InFocusGirls now.


What is the first thing that will come to your mind when we talk about an all-girl website? Well, the color pink, of course! This website from the very start looks cute. They have invested a considerable amount of time developing it. It is evident. As we mentioned, the color scheme used on this website is mainly pink with the content on a white background. These colors make this site seem very fresh and it is also very easy on the eyes. What more we liked about the website is that it has a cool user interface. It is evident there is no clutter, which is very important when you are browsing for videos. The tour page begins with a blonde woman lying on a beach chair showing of that cute little tush of hers. Below that is the navigation you will find to access different pages on the website. What we like is when we scrolled a little down. We found videos categorically based on the fetish you are looking for. So, it began with anal actions and all videos in the videos. Then continued with peeing and the all the videos they have in that category. And so on, depending on the kind of fetish. This makes looking for a specific video a whole lot easier. And it does not end there. Further below you will find a list of the hot and top models that are featured on InFocusGirls. The layout is quite fantastic to summarize it, and won’t leave you disappointed.

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Now the most interesting part of the review! We shall talk about all the booties InFocusGirls has to offer for you. The guys at InFocusGirls have tried their best with not only the website but also for the line up of girls that they have to offer. These girls are the hottest you will find in the porn industry. They have the juiciest of the tits, pussies so tight that need a night long of pounding and asses that need to be spanked hard. But the most interesting of why we are here is the fetish these girls possess. These girls can go wild and crazy. They are willing to bare it all. And will go to any extent to ensure that you are having a good time. These girls have major kinks, like shoving a dildo up their asses and their pussies, stuffing their pussies with panties, some hardcore fisting action too amongst many other. 

One look at the content on their website, and you will know that you are in for a treat. There are over 1200 galleries and also, over 1200 videos. Since the site is almost a decade old, there is a huge archive of a lot of content in it. Good luck getting through all of these videos if you plan to go through every content in the archive. That’s going to take a lot of time. Now some technical talk, the pictures are in multiple resolutions. They will be in resolutions such as 800 x 533, 1200 x 800, or 2000 x 1333. You can download the galleries too. It can be downloaded in a zip file format. At InFocusGirls, they offer you the choice to download videos too. Choose from WMV and MP4. Multiple videos are in High Definition and also, these videos can be streamed directly using Flash player. They have true full High Definition videos. These videos are in MP4 format. At 1280 x 720 at a 4 Mbit the quality is just simply sensational. A lot of these videos can also be watched at 640×480.


Now, we have said everything that we could say about InFocusGirls. This website is just perfect. From all the content they have to offer, add to it the brilliant service and let us not disregard the extremely gorgeous and sexy women. They have just got it all. And what it makes it much more desirable is the fact that the membership costs are very affordable. So, you will not worry about your hard earned money going waste here!

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