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Over the weekend, I was at the club where I met up with the guys. I was groggy as usual and then we got talking about everything from the weather to politics. Somewhere along the discussions, Tom kept teasing Harry about something only two of them seemed to be privy to. Harry was trying hard to get Tom to stop but Tom was bent on teasing Harry and possibly getting him to spill. In the cause of all these, the attention of the other guys including myself was attracted. We all wanted to know what they were teasing each other about. Harry looked at Tom with wide eyes but Tom being the tease that he is asked Harry to tell us about his experience on some porn site. Of course, Tom was embarrassed but the guys wouldn’t let him be so he told us he had been to a site called FemmeFataleFilms and the experience was awesome. Immediately the discussion changed to stories about porn sites and the different experiences. Tom swore that we were all going to love this site. I registered that down in my mind and continued with the drinking. Immediately I got home, I lurched on my laptop to find the site. It was my lucky day, my wife was away with the twerps and I had the whole house to myself. For once I could walk about naked if I wanted. It also meant I could watch porn without worrying about the twerps or wife popping in unannounced. As I settled behind my laptop waiting eagerly for it to boot, a lot of thoughts were going through my head. I was really horny and needed some very hardcore porn to help get me off. Finally, I was able to type in the web address of FemmeFataleFilms and oh my! The welcome was ladies in leather boots and leather jacket, some with a cane in hand. Ok, this is really going to be fun, I said to myself. As I entered the main page, the dark overall look of the website made me realise I was in for some very serious porn. To my surprise, I found out FemmeFataleFilms is a site where you will find domains. That is women dominating over men when it comes to sex.


As for the website, it is a basic design like most websites you find out there. It has a main menu and content; most of which is in the form of pictures. Important menu items on the site are the films, news and femmes tab. As I clicked on the film tab I was taken to a page where I could by the huge database of films found on the side. Then decided to check out what was on the femmes tab. This is where I found all the femme or models that grace the side. I dare say there are many. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the news tab. Under this, I found a lot of information about what is going on in the FemmeFataleFilms world. There was news about femmes performing at public places in cities around the world. I also discovered that it was possible for a member like me to attend one of these live sessions if I wanted to. What happens at the live session? A femme in command will taunt her male slave and make them do things for her as the audience watched. Then I was really excited when I found the FemmeFatale directory. This contains the names of all the femme fatal from around the world. I could go to a particular location and find a femme that I wanted to watch.

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I found the women who are called femme on this site really intriguing. When you see their pictures you can tell these are classy ladies. They look more like socialites. They are well dressed in sexy outfits that look classy but not trashy. The femmes are either called lady or mistress. Naturally you can understand why they will be called mistress since they play boss to their male slaves. I really loved Miss Severity Myers. She is well read in the art of love. She knows how to manipulate the mind and will make her slaves do almost anything she demands. She stars in films like; don’t look and don’t touch, sticky fingers and the foot slave. Just like all the other Mistresses, Miss Severity has her own website. Going through the videos, I couldn’t help but get impressed. As sophisticated as these ladies are, you will not expect them to settle for any type of poor quality work. To the site’s credit, all the videos are of very high definition. The pictures are crystal clear you may be fooled into thinking the action is happening just before you. Since I was a member, I could watch full-length videos and download those that I wanted to my device.


I would never have considered myself to be someone who would love to watch sex sessions where a man is being debased. As a man myself, I may never have realized that we as men have some animal instinct in us that makes us want to be dominated. As I watched these videos on this site, I was surprised I was turned on by what was going on the screen. I do consider myself a bit uptight. So if I could be entertained, I am very convinced you will be doubly entertained by this site.

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