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A big hard cock sliding slowly into the beautiful asshole of an anal addict angel is one of those wonders of nature, an always welcome sight to the beholder. In Elegant Anal you will find that these anal addict angels we are talking about are more numerous and nastier that you could ever imagine. You will also find that falling in love with them is just one click away.


Elegant Anal web design and interface are top notch. Like the name itself, everything on the Elegant Anal is focused on being elegant and as much user-friendly as possible. And guess what? The site accomplishes all these objectives in an impressive manner. From the get go youre welcomed by an avalanche of beautiful still images which show you just how good the videos will look once you start watching them. Everything is organized in columns and the video titles and the little pieces of info that accompany them are all visible.

Along with the images, there are also some selected gifs and they are marvelous. This image format has been getting more and more popular in recent years and see it used here is really interesting. They are just enough so the site can load fast enough ad be efficient. A wall of gifs would counter-productive. So avoiding that pitfall was great. Elegant Anal also has a great and very well optimized mobile platform. Phones and tablets can reproduce and display every single piece of content and material at a fast speed and it all fits inside the screens very nicely. There are none of those weird in and out zooms so that the web template fits the screen. It is quite impressive and a very welcome feature to have on your site. Let’s take note of that everyone.

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The girls are the main attraction on the site. These girls are beyond hot and beautiful and you can believe they are ready for anything. The selection of girls is quite varied as they are girls from all around the world in here. Latinas, Europeans, Asians, Americans. They are all here, ready to serve the all mighty cock with their beautiful buttholes. The least you can do is share their happiness with them by getting a membership to the site.

Video run time is really satisfying as well. Most of the videos run at an average of 35 minutes but some go beyond that. So there are not short scenes either you get the full experience for your money, which is what is expected even if so many other sites do not seem to be aware of it. Elegant Anal fulfills its promise and does it beautifully. Videos can be downloaded and streamed depending on your preference. Videos come in Mp4 format which is the standard for the industry right now as it can be played on almost every device very easily. Streaming does not have any of that annoying image tearing and load times are fast.


Elegant Angel is the perfect choice if you’re a fan of Anal Sex and you’ll love the girls, the user-friendly interface and the fast download and load times. Your money will be well put to a membership for this site. This is a no-brainer recommendation.

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