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Dirtyteencelebrities is a site that gives you content featuring the hottest and dirty Hollywood celebrities. This site gives you videos and pictures from popular celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez and others that show their skin in tons of different locations.  This includes paparazzi pictures, private videos that got on the wrong hands and so much more about these celebrities.


On accessing Dirtyteencelebrities, I was impressed with the attractive design that the site is based on. This site is divided into two sections, one for the visitors and the other for the members, where the full content is available. The visitors’ area only gives you a tour of this site and provides you with a link to either login or sign up. The members’ area has a menu bar at the left side, which helps you to access different stuff featured here. There is also a list of sites that are connected to Dirtyteencelebrities listed below the menu bar which you can easily jump to from this site by just clicking on the site’s name. Accessing all the good stuff here was very easy due to the tools included here. The homepage has a search area where you can simplify your quest on this site by typing the celebrity’s name and clicking on the search button. Moving from the videos page to the pictures has never been easier than this before. This is all thanks to two buttons placed at the top of the page which you can tap and jump from videos to pictures and vice-versa.

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Dirtyteencelebrities, has over 300 videos on the sites featuring different celebrities and more are still being updated. I could recognize most of these videos from other sites, but the clarity and the quality of the pictures here is very high.  The videos vary in sizes, but most of them average at 15MB and can be downloaded or streamed using a medium in-browser flash player. While downloading these videos, you can pause and resume the download later as you want. As a member, you can also download the pictures that are present on this site in over 4000 galleries where each contains about 20 pictures. The pictures are downloaded as either JPG or zipped files which have 50 kb and 15 MB respectively. These photos are clear enough for you to see the images clearly and there is no airbrushing done on them. The level of photography used on them appears to be paparazzi. As a non-member, you can access the content here after subscribing to the membership of this site by choosing one of the two membership plans available, monthly and quarterly. A one-day trial membership plan is also available to you as a new member, payable through your credit card.


Dirtyteencelebrities is a solid site that offers quite an impressive quality of these celebrities’ content. The amount of content on this site is also something to be envied. This is, therefore, the site to join if you like to see the dirty and erotic side of these celebrities, arranged in a systematic way and provided in a simple and accessible site.

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