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Large catch-all porn sites are all the rage these days, and for good reason, because they manage to pull together a lot of content and usually with just one membership you get access to everything the network has to offer, but the problem is that sometimes they place quantity before quality so we have always thought that finding a network site that gives you both is a bit tricky. Until we came across the DDF Network.


Realistically speaking, when you go to a porn site the point is to get off on the content, not to be in awe of how awesome the website in itself is. With this in mind, we have to admit that the design of the website is pretty basic. Nothing special, nothing new, nothing that is in any way memorable but to be perfectly honest, we could not care less. The website stays true to most porn sites which mean it is simple to use, unsophisticated, to the point and in your face and lets you find the kind of stuff you are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. It is so simple to use, you could easily navigate the entire site with one hand while you do your thing with the other. Another great thing about the DDF Network is that it has a really good mobile version as well so it is pretty obvious that the people behind the DDF Network are very aware of the fact that more and more users prefer to (or have to) sometimes use tablets or smartphones for various reasons. The mobile version is as good as the desktop version of the site and stays true to most mobile site formats. Probably the best possible feature of this website, however, is the fact that it is simply jaw-droppingly huge! The DDF Network encompasses 14 independent sites all with a different theme and style, all with hundreds of videos. And the best part about it? Becoming a member of the DDF network gives you full and unrestricted access to all of these sites.

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If we haven’t yet given you a good enough reason to become a member of the DDF Network already, then we have about another 15.000 other reasons why you should. That’s right, the DDF network currently has a mind blowing collection of close to 15.000 videos for your viewing pleasure that you can stream or download whenever and wherever you want in a number of high definition formats which means that regardless of what you choose to do or on what kind of device or screen size you go for the quality of the videos will not be diminished and you can still benefit from the full viewing experience. Besides all that, you can also get a picture gallery for each and every single video, so around 15.000 galleries in total, each with something like 140 pictures in each gallery that you can also download in zipping format or just browse through online.


The DDF Network will make you feel like a boy in a candy store once you go up to the site because there is no way you can’t find something that will appeal to you. Get a membership to the DDF Network today and dive into one of the best possible porn sites out there.

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