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There are many porn sites that you can jerk off to and feel good at the end of a hard day’s work. That’s what porn site are made for, isn’t it? What is your favorite site that you jerk off to? My intention is not to get you to answer this question but to ponder over it. Whether you have a favorite site or not, there are something that you cannot change, such as the themes of the sites, the sirens the site features and the nature of performance of these sirens. When these aspects of a site combine perfectly, you get a heady mix of the most amazing porn on this planet. Let tell you a secret.

You watch porn because you like to see the slut scream when she is fucked, watch her nipples being sucked and boobs groped, squeezed and fondled, and have her take a huge load of cum all over her body. The icing on the cake is when the siren or sirens eat the warm cum from the dick. That’s what you love to see, and that’s what you want your girlfriend to do to you too, isn’t it? When such porn is played on your computer, you have nothing else to do other than jerk off. But do you enjoy jerking off if sex and its associated pleasure are faked? Probably no. That’s where CollegeRules steps in. CollegeRules features sex-as-it-happens between amateur sluts and their boyfriends in various places, such as outdoor, on the beach, at a party, in the bathroom, or in any crazy place where these people feel like having sex.


The site is a very simple and neat one. Simplicity makes a site stand out prominently because there aren’t unnecessary elements to distract you. Without wasting too much of your time, the site gets to what it is famous for, the videos uploaded by the members. An array of 80 most videos is available on the tour page. This is a large number for a tour page, but as a guest, this is what you can check out. If you want to check out the latest videos, you can watch the latest 64 uploaded to the site. There are tabs at the top of the site that can take you to these arrays of videos – the latest and the popular. There is a third tab for Join Now.

On the header, to the left, you will see CollegeRules in written against a black background. If you closely check the text, you will realize that it is written using a chalk. So, obviously, the background is a blackboard on which CollegeRules is beautifully written. There are three tabs, of which I have already mentioned two of them – the Latest Videos and Popular Videos. The third tab is Join Now, which will take you to the subscription page. There are two other links on the blackboard, Members and Join Now. The video array is loaded against a light gray background that is appealing, and aesthetic too. Against this background, the videos are visible prominently and you can concentrate only on the porn rather than on the background and its graphics or animation.

There are no search tools but you can get to what you want to see. The video thumbnails are large with images of naked and scantily clad sirens getting fucked in the most comfortable positions, such as cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle or the famous missionary position. The site is updated every day, and you will always have something new to catch up in the evening. All videos have a title that is arresting and appealing. The duration, number of views and rating of the videos are also seen below the thumbnail. What I liked about these videos was that all of them are given a five-star rating. If videos are given five-star rating, then there is something you need to know, and I know what this is. The girls and videos. So, check out the next section.

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Why I seem to like CollegeRules is because the sirens are not pornstars. They have natural bodies that they have developed without any artificial enhancements. The sluts have a liking to get rid of their clothes at the drop of a hat. They love to party, be with guys, suck their dicks, or spend time with their coterie of girls, exploring and eating pussies, bathing together, or watching dicks fucking pussies. The chicks have an innate need to fuck and get fucked and don’t mind getting dirty and naked for a flimsy reason. That’s why you will find only naked chicks on the video thumbnails. The guys or girls who have filmed the videos are masters in their task and have ensured that all the vital parts of the slut are amply captured on the camera. The sirens have beautiful boobs. Probably, I may be insulting if I only said beautiful boobs. The only thing that these chicks want to keep showing off, indoors and outdoors, are their breasts and nipples.

Beautifully sculpted and natural, you will only want to see those assets throughout the night. Their shapes remind you of softballs on the bitches’ chests that you would want to hold, grope, fondle and squeeze. The nipples are pink, perky and very sensitive. Take your tongue to the nipple and see the slut’s reaction. Nipples get erect, and you are left with no option other than sucking it. Her moans and groans on sucking will only make you suck them harder. You should check out the Orgy Car Wash video. It is sumptuous and a feast for the eyes. Five to six sluts, getting naked and washing their friend’s car using their bodies. Yes, not hands, but their bodies, specifically their boobs and asses. Watching the breasts and asses covered in lather and rubbing against the car’s body will get your dick to tear out of your pants. Imagine such sluts using their boobs and asses to bathe you. Oh, you were having precisely this kinky thought! Am I reading your mind?


CollegeRules is a great site, and reasons are plenty. I have given you some of them. There is one thing about this site which will blow your mind away and you will end up rushing to get your credit entered at the earliest. Yes, you guessed it right. The subscription. The subscription is very affordable. You have a one-day trial membership, a monthly recurring plan and an annual plan. Signing up for the annual plan will give you a steep 75% discount over the monthly plan. This is called the Deal of the Third Millennium. Don’t give this a second thought. Join Now, right away!

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