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3DBadGirls is the finest cartoon videos site featuring 3D comics in a variety of sex adventures and naughtiness for your sexual excitement in the creative realms. If a picture tells a thousand words at a glance, these cartoon figures tell a thousand and one or more. You are treated to a range of comic series in both videos and photos, but they are skillfully done to make them look really hot and tempting.


The site provides you with a host of access and navigation choices including checking out the content by clicking on any of the categories provided. There is a drop down menu that provides you with options to sample the services available on the site with ease. There are three basic categories from which you can extract movies. Users can sample content from any of the three options including 3D series, 3D Comics and 3D Girls. I could also check out the flicks by clicking on the series titles or typing a search word into the search field. The comics come in series and have titles. So, it’s easy for users to follow what they prefer.

Remember these are rather continuous graphic representations of the 3D comics in various stunts. So, you get the most from the entertainment when you follow the series to the end. The site is also accessible via mobile phones. I could stream and download the flicks with ease. I was also impressed that there are several bonus sites added to the offering on the site. Most of the bonus sites offer fairly similar content, although a few of them throw in real live sex. I didn’t mind these too because they add spark and variety to the graphic comics.

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These are not your usual models. They are 3D comic figures that have been conjured up to capture human sex activity in a creative fashion. That should not fool you into thinking that they are not as hot as your amateur models or the superstars you are used to. In fact, if you are a real comic porn enthusiast, you will find many of the scenes on 3DBadGirls a lot hotter than what you can get anywhere else. The dudes are portrayed in scenes trying to seduce girls on the street, office and other public places. Some of these dudes are more successful than others.

The comic girls on their part are expressed in attractive but slightly exaggerated forms that take your imagination to another world. I was aroused by the hot sexy curvaceous comic girls donning hot lingerie: body suits and arousing panties that expose a lot more than they cover. The girls are curved out with fully erect nipples, tall body frames and the juicy bums that can only be a product of ingenious art and imagination. They are featured in scenes in which they are screwed hard by dudes with a ton of appetite for sex. They bend over in outdoor locations and allow these charged dudes to mount them with relish and release their loads. Some comics show the dudes spraying the girls with jizz gushing out so hard, you would think it’s a water faucet.


If you are a fan of cartoon porn, you are treated to the hottest models you will ever encounter in comic representations on 3DBadGirls. There is a lot to savor in the form of videos and pics in galleries. The user interface helps you to sample the videos and photos with ease, thanks to their outstanding sense of organization.

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