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What was your dream before? Was it to be a pilot? A doctor? A soldier? Yes, those were the days when we were still free to dream of anything and we are unburdened with other things like finances and work. We can be anything as far as our imaginations can take us. It would be a curious profession, though, to dream of becoming a masseur. Just imagine it, if we dreamed of being such and someone asked us: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And then you answer, “Why, I want to be an expert masseur, you know locating the muscular tension of people, and alleviate the soreness.” Yes, that would surely be weird. However, after taking your time to read this review along with exploring the porn site that we are going to talk about today, we might be able to convince you that you have somehow made a wrong life decision somewhere. That, becoming a pilot might not have been the best career choice to dream about. That, becoming an expert masseur might have been an impressive decision after all. Needless to say, the porn site that we are going to talk about today has something about genius masseurs who get to fuck the hottest women in porn today.

This porn site is called TrickyMasseur. This porn site is part of the big adult production group, TeenMegaWorld porn network. Honestly, we have been fans of this network for quite some time now because they have the freshest stars around. Some of the other porn sites, included in the network are First BGG (a porn site that specializes in producing the best group scenes around; Anal Angels (perfect if you want to see hot anal action); finally, Creampie Angels (for those who want to see the creamiest creampie videos in porn), just to name a few. There is a two-day trial option that comes with a low fee for those who want to take a closer look at the contents of the network first before finally signing up. Then, there are three membership plans: a one-month, three-month, and twelve-month access to all the sites that we have mentioned in this review and more!


All we can say about the website design of this porn site is that it is very jam packed. Everything that you would ever need and want to know is all on one page – the homepage! Hence, let us go through each of the elements one by one. The porn site is very simple, and you would not see any part that is just there for no reason at all. There are different batches of thumbnails too that organizes the page in sections. The first batch is the porn site’s latest videos. It is helpful to take a look at each of the thumbnails as well as they provide some information regarding the videos that you are going to stream or download. These thumbnails, first of all, present the most action-filled scene through the image displayed. Next, you may also see the video’s title and ten point rating. Finally, it provides the link to the site (in this case, TrickyMasseur), where you will find the video.

The next batch then presents head shots of their top-rated girls. It is interesting to note that they have two ways of rating each girl: a five-star and ten-point rating system. Aside from the headshots, you will find the name of each girl and a link that would lead you to all of their recent videos. Then, after a bit of scrolling, you will see a list of websites that are included in the TeenMegaWorld porn network. They were also presented in previews, but unlike the simple thumbnails, they are shown in a group of thumbnails, which also include the name of the site and a short description of what’s it all about. The niches and user ratings were also included in each the previews. Finally, the last batch of thumbnails is found below. These are the TeenMegaWorld’s latest videos found across all of their sites.

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There are no specific types of girls and nationalities which are said to be in focus because there weren’t any mention of this on the site. This is the reason why you are free to enjoy different types of women. The only common denominator among all of their girls is that all of them are freaking hot and fresh, after all, we are talking about the TeenMegaWorld porn network here so you can expect nothing less. As for the videos, we loved how all the scenes were clear and crisp, having that high-quality high-definition style. They were all very creative as well. They are not just videos of girls getting a massage, there are a lot of different stories at play, different motivations for the characters to have sex.


If you really enjoy watching fresh chicks getting seduced out of their brains by expert masseurs doing some awesome moves on them (which, let’s face it, we can all learn from), then we totally recommend this porn site. We believe that any porn lover would enjoy their stay right here. And if the porn videos here are still not enough (which we really doubt it), then feel free to take a look at the other sites. You will get access to them for free anyway after signing up for the TrickyMasseur website so you might as well enjoy these sites and their content as well!

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