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The site provides you with the kind of naturalism that is associated with blowjobs and cum facials and tasting. You guessed it right, the site is JapaneseSlurp. Featuring some of the sexiest and most beautiful Asian chicks, JapaneseSlurp is probably the best site for you to enjoy while watching sluts give blowjobs and enjoy cum. There is realism among the actors. Well, let me take a minute to describe this. By realism, I mean that the chicks perform very naturally in front of the camera, and do not hesitate to shed their inhibitions to strip their clothes off and get dirty, converting a flaccid dick to a rock-hard one and make the most of the rock-hard cock. Well, I believe that you are eager to jump onto this site and experience what it offers first-hand, but wait, take time off to read this review so that you are sure to enjoy the sexual experience that this site provides you with.


When you visit the site, you will realize that it has a very calming and soothing effect on your senses. In fact, it manages to bring out the sensuality in your mind with the color combination. There are two colors that are used on the site – maroon for the header and white for the content part. At the bottom, where you find the footer, it is accentuated with a gray color. The header has the major tabs that will help you navigate through the site. Against the maroon background, the white text stands out prominently, making it easy for you to read. The tabs in the header include videos, DVDs, network, models, categories and others. A search functionality enhances the look and feel of the header. In addition to these tabs, you will also find the login and sign up buttons.

The main content is white in color and features some of the most popular and newest videos on the site. All the videos are blowjob videos, featuring the sexiest Japanese sluts. There are thumbnails of the videos. Just watching the thumbnails is enough to keep your temperatures soaring. There is an array of videos showing these sluts sucking and playing with dicks, holding hot jizz in their hands, having cum oozing and dripping off their mouths and faces, or playing with their nipples and pussies. A brief description of the featuring porn star features below each thumbnail. The white background of the content section makes for pleasant viewing as it does not influence your viewing experience.

Between the header and the main section, there is a middle section that has a radio-buttoned slideshow. The slideshow accentuates on clicking the radio button and indicates what is in store for you on the site. The color scheme changes from pink to orange to blue as the slides change. The changing color scheme accentuates this section, informing you to act quickly and subscribe. As you scroll down the site, you will also find the partner sites of JapaneseSlurp and the site’s statistics. The site features over 6000 videos, 2200 DVDs, close to 1500 models and 22 partner sites. This is one hell of a site providing you more than what you can bargain for. With regular updates, you need not go anywhere in the porn world.

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Japanese sluts are very natural and graceful performers and this is clearly visible when you watch the videos on this site. It is the gracefulness of these performers that attracts you to this site frequently. The videos follow a very simple storyline. A couple starts with a particular situation and then slowly graduate to having sex. You will find amateurs, housewives, MILFs, nurses, office ladies, teachers, and sluts with big tits. There are women with hairy pussies, sluts in mini skirts, in lingerie, and bikini. The focus of the sex is, of course, the blowjob, and that’s what the slut is famous for. The blowjob is intense, till the guy empties his load inside the chick’s mouth or on her face. The slut happily and readily enjoys the taste of the cum on her face or in her mouth and loves to lick the dick dry.


The porn on JapaneseSlurp will leave you feeling completely satisfied, both financially and mentally. You are not going to regret subscribing to this site at all, so you should go for the porn on this site and do yourself a huge favor. Low monthly subscription fees, 22 partner sites and over 8000 videos, DVDs and models is something you never get in a lifetime. So, subscribe to this site immediately and you will never miss some of the best things in life, the most important being enjoying your fapping experience.

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