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I know you’ve seen a lot of ethnic/exotic porn models over the years, but did you know, the jewel of all erotic and hardcore porn come nowhere else, then from the country of Germany! Those German girls and their strong accents are just so irresistibly sexy and cute. Today we’re going to after a site called Inflagranti. This site is now the top porn site in the country of Germany, you’ll know why later on. But before we get to the juicy stuff, let me share some interesting history about this site first. Inflagranti is a German word that means “Blazing Offense,” I like the name of their site. Catchy and sexy. Did you know, that this site has been existing for almost 10 years now? It’s been around the web since 1997, and get this porn site was formed by accident. You see the founders of this site was never planning to create a porn site in the first place. They were just playing around in their place filming some homemade German porn when all of the sudden, a kind of leaked happened and they instantly grew famous, so instead of sulking with guilt, they went on and created this awesome porn site which is now the top porn site in all Germany. The German girls they have on their site are not to be reckoned with. I hope you’re ready, you’re in for some, unbelievably dick hardening porn!


This is probably one of the most modern and interactive websites I have seen in the porn industry. I have been reviewing tons of porn lately but none has come close to the flash animations and website designs of this one. The site is themed with red, black and white. A good combination if you ask me. Also, one of the dazzling parts of their website is their cover page. When you go to their site, you’ll be welcomed with this huge video that automatically plays and features some of the scenes from their videos. But, man these videos sure look stunning. You could jack off just by looking at this cover greeting. The major tabs of their website are only five. The home button, videos, pornstars, photos and niche. These five options should probably lead you directly to what you’re looking. However, you prefer a more specific approach, don’t worry. They’ve got that covered as well. Why don’t we open up the Pornstar tab, shall we? In this page, you’ll see all the pornstars they have available, and I can’t help but notice the nice flash animation whenever you place your mouse on top of these profile pictures. The pictures enlarge before you and you get to see the models a bit closer. Cool animation right there my friends! A big turn on too! Now if you just look above, you can see that there is a Top 10, Latest released, and most viewed option. These are great ways to quicken your search for the best among the best of these pornstars. Another excellent feature is their “Niches” page. If you enter this page you get to arrange the stars according to the category you’d want to appear first. Now these aren’t your average categories. You won’t find any “Brunets” or “Amateurs” categories here. These hot models need a hotter name in their categories that best describes them. These categories include AllPopp or Hopp, Public Sex in Berlin, German Pornstars, Wives from Germany, German Fetish Freaks, German Lesbians, Dominatrix of Germany, Gangbang Germans, and also Machine Fuckers. Just by reading the names of these categories, already gets me all fired up. Just look at those fucking descriptions!

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The German pornstars, after watched them perform, has given me an addiction that’s just too much to handle; imagine if you please. Being fucked to the limit, all tied up and held in the table, the tables about to be utterly destroyed, and the pussy is still getting rammed up non-stop. These are the types of scenes that’ll make your money’s worth. These are hardcore models dude! They are Full European Pornstars that are willing to get rammed till they can’t take it anymore and still ASK FOR MORE! I can’t believe I haven’t found this site before. As for the quality of the site, their video quality is top-notched. You can’t complain about the crispy resolutions the site has for its videos. The downloads are also limitless and reliable. All videos are available for download once you become a member.


I’ve been blown away many times in the past by countless porn sites already. But I tell you, Inflagranti is the mother hurricane of them all. With a website that functions well and with a futuristic touch, with search options that are SPOT ON, and with optimization for mobile usage, they have spared no amount of effort to give you a satisfactory navigation on their website. As for the girl’s performance; dude there’s nothing more I can say. They have done it and even exceeded my expectations. If you thought a girl couldn’t handle anymore, then just try and take a visit to what they put these hot sexy girls through. To imagine that you’re the one ramming your cock into them is just amazing. The video quality doesn’t back down as well. It totally compliments the performance of the models and gives you that clear video entertainment. They are well rounded and covered all possible room for improvement. It’s a great site all in overall!

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