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GF Hardcore is the best hardcore porn that also doubles up as a hardcore sex entertainment stop. I was aroused by the raunchy sex that spans a wide range of niches; from playing with sex toys to bending over before camera lenses as dudes drive home their massive cocks in both holes.


The site sports a simple but functional design that gives users several options to access the content. I could click on any of the tagged images and sail straight to the action zone. There is a page numbering tweak that also allows you to navigate the content by page. There is a lot of content, so expect many pages in the members’ area. I could skip to a page of my choice with ease. Other useful tweaks include date and time stamps. Users can also browse by the ratings or navigate the pages and choose their favorite flicks from the content tags.

All the videos provided on the site come in full HD specs that make viewing a lot of fun. There is a ton of content to savor. The site offers over 4100 videos. The videos are all in impressive HD specs. If you like sampling your content in still pics, there are over 2600 galleries. The pics in the sets are equally great to view. They are all in crisp-clear high res specs. Apart from the primary content, members have access to over 28 bonus sites from the Amaland Network. There are over 9000 videos provided as a bonus.

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If you are looking for something to tick you and stir your sex appetite out of slumber in a flash, check out the hardcore sex provided on GF Hardcore. The girls are sexy, gorgeous and daring. The scenes range from the conventional hardcore action to sex scenes that border on fetishes. In fact, they are fetishes but rather rare ones. Apart from the interracial scenes in which dudes are featured in various scenes screwing the girls and folding them up like envelopes, you are also treated to videos in which the girls are subjected to fisting. Soda and beer bottles pushed into their pussy and assholes too. All the videos are captured and presented in POV fashion so that you feel as if you are the one engaging the models directly.

GF Hardcore provides great entertainment for fans of hardcore that stretches to the far end. Check out interracial scenes in which the girls are fucked and sprayed with cum all over their bodies. I was aroused by videos that feature girls sucking dudes with uncut cocks. The girls drive the dudes to ecstasy with their expert blowjob skills before they allow the lucky dudes to explore their pussies and assholes with their rock hard shafts. GF Hardcore is not your usual hardcore sex porn site. It offers something extra. Something for the fetish minds. I was impressed with the variety of locations in which the action unfolds. You are also treated to group sex action in which models and dudes from every corner of the world partake in steamy sex and explore each other’s bodies without restraint.


If you have a mind for fetish hardcore, GF Hardcore is your thing. The site offers you a host of raunchy sex scenes that stretch your imagination and comfort. There is a lot of variety too. The girls are carefully selected to provide the best beauties in this type of porn. I could access content and navigate the site with ease; thanks to the effective and functional interface.

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