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ClubAmateurUSA is a fine gay porn site from the BadPuppy Network. This exquisite porn site features some of the hottest gay hunks from the USA, showing you the most exquisite gay porn videos. Watching gay porn is among the best things you can enjoy in the porn world, for you get to enjoy the hottest hunks invading another stud’s asshole, while they enjoy groping each other’s cocks. There are a lot of features and videos to enjoy on ClubAmateurUSA, and we have got you a comprehensive review of this amazing porn site. The review covers various parts of the site, including its design and features and gays and videos. This review will give you the necessary food for having a great jerk-off session. So, happy reading!


ClubAmateurUSA doesn’t waste much time to get you into the groove the moment you enter the site. That’s one thing we loved about this awesome site. Unlike many sites that have a clearly defined header, main body, and footer, ClubAmateurUSA has only the main body, devoid of the header and footer. The logo of ClubAmateurUSA is seen at the top of the site, on the left with a bright red colored menu box on the right.

A large box welcoming the BroadWalkBar back to the BadPuppy network greets you below the logo. And immediately afterward, you will find a few photos of the latest gay video uploaded. The videos are of two types, a classic and a normal one. Each video is serially named, with CAUSA being the common term for both types. Thus, you will find alphanumeric titles such as CAUSA 587, CAUSA 586, and others. The classic videos are titled Classic CAUSA, with the latest being Classic CAUSA 239. This is the one you will see at the top.

Clicking on the menu box opens a menu consisting of Home, Models, Blog, Network, Live, Bonus, Help, Login and Join links. Of course, the home takes you to the homepage, and the models’ link takes you to the models’ page. The blog provides you with the latest developments about the site, the new gay stars who have joined, the stories behind various scenes and videos, and insider news and information about the site and the stars. The ClubAmateurBlog, the blog page, covers ClubAmateurUSA and Casey Black porn sites.

Being part of the BadPuppy Network, membership to ClubAmateurUSA offers you access to BadPuppy, BroadWalkBar and Roku BadPuppyTV, in addition to Casey Black. That’s not all. You also get to enjoy your favorite gay stars as they perform live for you through webcams. The Live link takes you to the webcam page. That’s not all. ClubAmateurUSA offers you bonus videos, tons of DVDs, exotic and erotic gay stories, the BadPuppy Forums, and the studios that feed the site with the hottest videos. If you need any help, there is an online help section to take care of all your issues.

ClubAmateurUSA features over 500 HD gay porn videos, with latest updates, promotions and free stuff. All videos feature about three photo thumbnails with a title for the scene, the date on which it was added, and a description of the video and the guys featured in it. The description of the video opens in the blog mentioned earlier. One can also preview the video by clicking on the preview button that you see below the thumbnails. Before we proceed to the next section on gays and videos, let us check the affordability of ClubAmateurUSA. Membership consists of recurring and non-recurring plans. Recurring plans consist of a monthly and a quarterly plan, while non-recurring plans consist of a monthly and an annual plan. The annual plan is the best and offers you significant discounts.

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ClubAmateurUSA features some of the hottest American gay hunks you’ve seen, and these guys know how to get you to cum hard. You’ll find some truly top names from the gay world, and includes names like Miloje, Trygga, Lorenzo, Kevin, Fisher, and much more. These guys are owners of the hottest bodies, with awesome biceps and triceps, muscular build, with 6 – 8 pack abs and an amazing smile that can make any guy or bitch go weak on their knees. And the dicks that these hunks possess can put anybody else to shame. Their long shafts, some of them being monsters, are ever ready to be fondled and groped by soft hands. The guys love to suck another guy’s

The guys love to suck another guy’s dick or have another guy suck theirs. Their ass cheeks are firm, while assholes are tight. Fucking the tight assholes requires a lot of energy and these guys are some of the most energetic ones you’ll ever see. ClubAmateurUSA boasts of over 350 gay models, each of them combining to give you a great porn experience. The models’ page gives you enough information to know what each model is and how he performs to give you what you need to jerk-off. The thumbnail photos of the gay models give you the runtime and the date on which the video was added. For the record, the first video was uploaded on 1st

For the record, the first video was uploaded on 1st September 2003, and for the past decade and a half, ClubAmateurUSA has been entertaining guys like you to the point of immense satisfaction. You will surely love to watch these amazing performances that these guys give, as they suck each other’s cocks and invade each other’s asses.


So, it’s time for us to conclude this review, and we must say that we are truly impressed with what we saw on ClubAmateurUSA. ClubAmateurUSA will fulfill all your wildest fantasies if you have any, in relation to fucking hot hunks. These guys can get you cumming hard, with their awesome performances. You will love to watch these diverse Americans, including ebony guys and white hunks, get involved in same-race or interracial sex scenes. Easy to afford, you get access to hundreds of bonus contents, DVDs, videos, blogs and live contents. You also get to enjoy the hottest hunks in the BadPuppy network, across various sites like BadPuppy, CaseyBlack, and BroadWalkBar, among others.

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