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Have you guys ever wondered how a porn star is made? Because I’ve always had. I am pretty aware that there are auditions made and talents picked, and so on and so forth, but there are tons of girls out there who bank on being a porn star – so who makes the cut? Well, this is what Hustler Magazine has brought us so far: Beaver Hunt. If you are not all too familiar with Hustler Magazine, it is this very famous porno magazine in the United States and was first published by Larry Flynt in 1974. Yes, it is that old and that much historical in the porn universe. Because of its long-standing disposition, Hustler Magazine has formed quite the name and has been responsible for a lot of really hardcore, raunchy, and great porn sites that have been surfacing these days. Of course, it is much referred to as Hustler in the world wide web, but yes, it is being managed by the one and only Hustler Magazine and its highly talented individuals. If you have managed to nab a magazine or two of Hustler, or if you haven’t, you can always search it on Google, you will notice that the pieces and the pages are always clogged with heavy and hardcore stills of girls playing with themselves, getting fucked, fingered, groped, and so much more. With Hustler, there is no room for modesty – just pure, unadulterated pleasure. The porn sites they manage to not fall far from the tree, as well. Beaver Hunt is no exception, most obviously. Beaver Hunt is a place where you will find all the hot and mesmerizing amateurs, who want to make it big in the porn industry, send in their more than naughty photos, or get themselves fucked for a chance to become the next big thing. The niche covered is amateur girls, with the soft content tag rolling around. Beaver Hunt has a huge content base, with photo sets and scenes easily accessible with your membership. The content is quite mixed, with soft and hardcore in the fray. With it being part of the Hustler network, it’s not surprising that this gem of a site has tons of extra added features and sites to explore.


Beaver Hunt has a pretty generic looking website, leaning on to a more simplistic and minimalist view of things. It does not seem cluttered and the navigation is fairly easy, to be frank. The links are to be found in the most obvious places, like the top most part of the site, as well as the bottom part. The main page in itself is filled with various video thumbnails and video caps, and you are free to browse around it as much as you want. The top links consist of the member’s login button, where you will find yourself in a page where you can input your username and password to get on the site. There also seems to be Live Sex button for live cams and such, but I reckon that comes with an extra price but nothing extravagant – so if you want to check it out, go ahead.

The site also has live bonus feeds and a store where you can buy different themed stuff that has something to do with, well, sex. Other than that, the rest are pretty easy to find and are mostly very straightforward. You get exactly what you clicked for, I must say. You will also notice that the main page houses pretty big video thumbnails, photo thumbnails, and a video description of each scene that they are featuring. That is about 4 to five in a row. As of the moment, there are almost 300 photo sets on the site and they are all mostly in a hi resolution of 1600 x 1200. They tend to look better when you download them in zip files and view them individually from your device. They are all professionally taken and have been airbrushed for very nice reasons. Aside from all these, you also get tons of bonus sites to the same network and trust me when I say that they are all more than what you expect. Since they are all from the Hustler network, you best expect these to be out of the ordinary and just plain amazing. These bonus sites are free and they are as hardcore as it gets.

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Hustler network has tons and tons of girls coming around, may it be amateur or professional, and with Beaver Hunt being a place where most girls get their “first times” in front of a camera, expect an influx of gorgeous ladies who cannot wait to star in their very first porno. All the contents of the site are exclusive and they support full-length videos and such. Right now, there are almost a thousand scenes on site and majority of these are in really good quality. There are more videos than photo sets and the updates seem to happen weekly this time, with two or more videos added per week. The photo sets rarely get an update, but it’s all good. All scenes can be watched in your browser using a Flash player in a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. The same resolution applies for videos you download to your computer in an MP4 or WMV format. You will notice that most scenes last for 20 minutes or less and that they have been taken from actual full-length DVDs from the Hustler network.


With its huge amount of content and very nice video and photo quality, it’s hard not to recommend this treasure. It brings out a fresh new take on porn and there are a lot of features to look forward to. So, be sure to check this one out.

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