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Since I am one of those who loves porn, I am always on the internet trying to check out new porn sites. I love hardcore porn, but I don’t mind watching ladies play with themselves. On one of my internet trips, I came across a site named alsscan. The name seemed weird and the only word that sounded vaguely familiar was “scan”. As for the als, I was wondering what it meant. Partly intrigued by the als name, I decided to find out more about the site. From my research, I found out that the als stood for “all ladies shaved”. How cool is that? My interest was perked as I like them shaved. So I headed to the site and boy was I impressed? The site had girls in abundance. As you enter the site they seem to be everywhere. These pretty things with killer bodies will catch your attention. As you go through the site you get the impression that the site is only for the chicks. You find them in the photo shoots as well as in the video shoots. However, while there are mainly girl solo actions or girl on girl on girl action, the site also has some boy/girl action although these are not dominant. The category of the site is mainly chick porn however it is hard to give it a niche as the girls seem to be involved in almost everything. You will find them in masturbation, public nudity and lesbian acts.


Navigating through the website of alsscan is very interesting and easy as they have all the menu tabs and links in the right place. The website makes use of a lot of pictures that showcase the girls in some steamy hot poses. Most of the pictures are links to the site videos and latest updates. From the home page, it is not immediately obvious the number of pages that are on the site but once you click on a link, you are taken to a different page most often containing additional content. The website is fully functional on mobile devices meaning that it is possible to access the site even when you are on the move. Although the site has a lot of pictures, the different pages do not take long to load. Additionally, it is obvious that there was a lot of attention paid to detail as there are as there are no broken links on the site. As far the watching videos and downloading them, the stream speed is quite good as well. A good download manager will work well with the site. Alsscan has been around for a while, so it is understandable that its website has seen quite a few updates. Today it can be proud to say that among similar sites, it has one of the most user-friendly websites. Apart from its great website, it is clearly way ahead of its competitor regarding content and quality of models. A great addition to the site is the search and advance search function. This can be used to search content on the site and other valuable information. Members are going to love the director’s blog which is where they can get inside scoop on what is happening behind the scenes. On the director’s blog, you can get information on upcoming videos and any planned casting.

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This site has some very pretty and interesting models. These girls are beautiful and ready to show some ass and pussy. These girls are not professional pornstars. They are real amateurs. Any of these girls could be your next door neighbour or the sales girl at the supermarket where you shop. For the most part, these girls are nude models. You will meet fresh, beautiful models like Tarner, Blue Angel and Stacey on the site. There are over 1000 models on the site to choose from. For the most parts, the videos feature the girls stripping, and teasing the viewers to different levels. The stripping process is usually slow with the girls taking the time to peel off dresses and shorts until they are down to underwear. They will play a little in their underwear before they move on to get rid of it and remain in their birthday suit. Once they are naked, they will play with their boobs and touch their pussies in very sexy ways. This is one site in which you will find a huge dataset of photos and videos. This site has been around for over twenty years, so it is understandable why they have a comprehensive dataset. Some of the older pictures and videos may not be of the best quality. However, the latest videos and photos on the site are of very good quality. There are presently over 2000 videos on the site with an additional 2500 pictures. The videos are available in the different format. You can find videos in mp4, Avi and windows format. The photos are arranged in sets of 200. They are also available for download as zip files. All videos can be played using the embedded player.


Alsscan has been around for quite a long time and the experience that they have gathered along the way shows in the quality of their content. While they have more girly videos, they are still interesting enough to keep members interested. If you ever want a site where you can find some wonderful girl on girl videos, do not hesitate to head over to alsscan. The models may not be professional porn stars but they are real and put on a good show.

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