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The moment you enter the member area of 21Sextury, it will surprise you with an amount of content they have, great for all types and tastes. The site has a whopping 11,312 Porn Videos, 49 Genres and 2,875 Pornstars earning them a Xbiz Award for Best Site of the Year 2014. That makes it a very trusted site. 21Sextury Network is a porn site that is sensual, interactive, fun and only for members. With a nominal fee for the one-day entry, you can experience what the site has to offer and there is plenty to offer: threesomes, anal, blowjobs, foot fetish, deepthroat you name it, they have it. Complete with very High Quality videos, amazing girls, incredible tits and out-of-this-world assess, this site can make you as hard as a rock at a moment’s notice. The sensuality of this site is palpable, the girls are really enjoying themselves in the videos, they are truly asking for more. What is different about this site, the elegance and sharpness it has, it really sets it apart from the rest. The models are finger licking delicious; the material is different, refreshing and remarkably great. In addition, with the live camera videos you can view videos that put you at center stage of the action with an actual live girl giving you a show at the other end.


The layout of the site is very coherent and clear. As you enter the site it is very obvious you need to become a member to view the videos, genres or do anything else, but once you are on the member side, you can search videos by models, play a 3D sex game, view live sex cameras, there’s an interactive section and a full list of videos by specific names like Butt Plays, Club Sandy and Lets Play Lez. To put it simply, the layout is gorgeous; the videos are placed on a simple black background that makes the colors really pop and the sex looks incredible. The girls look amazing on the black layout. The user navigation is pretty simple also; the site looks like a wall of thumbnail pictures showing you different videos and their titles if you click on them, a message to become a member appears. As you scroll down, more pictures are added until you get to the bottom. But it really doesn’t end there, once you’re in a video, you can download it, stream it on HD, HQ or watch it on your mobile, more flexibility than this is hard to get. Just imagine being able to watch any video you want the moment you want it on your smartphone. The website features support for Ipad, Iphone, Android and Windows Phone. Besides that, each video has its own photo gallery featuring the models of the video in different poses: naked, fucking, licking, sucking and much more. As the niche entails, the girls love to be fucked the ass, there are plenty of them, in different positions, enjoying themselves. It’s a very well made website, the user interface was very much thought through the entire process from beginning to end, the viewer has all the tools he or she might need to have some sexy time with themselves, their partner or whoever they want.

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The site has a huge amount of Pornstars: 2,875 to be exact, some are big names and some are newcomers, but all a very much welcome. They are very sexy, and as the videos, there is diversity: slim, curvy, big breasted with round bottoms, great smiles and welcoming legs. To name a few between them, you have Emma Brown, who loves getting fucked in the ass. Susana Melo is a redheaded Portuguese girl, who really likes it when a hunk licks her pussy and I mean really likes it and Alyson Tyler, who has juicy tits and an ass that a fat dick could fuck all day long. The videos are really excellent, and the settings a very varied from living rooms to bedrooms and pools. 21Sextury has done a great job in creating an assortment of videos to choose from. It’s a place for a man’s sexual fantasies and escape. One video called Alison’s way of Pleasure Part 1, is about an encounter between one man and two girls where sexuality is in the air, the two ladies undress and the fun part starts. The man fucks one girl while she licks the other girl’s pussy. It’s a great view; the pussies look good and wet in the action. There’s cum, blowjobs and everything else that you expect from a steamy sex video. The videos are divided into categories with pun names, referring to the different topics that can be watched on each category: butt sex, facials, and blowjobs just to name a few. The most common ones you are going to find on 21Sextury is butt sex and foot fetish, which are niches that need to be explored to find their true potential. There are many close up ass scenes with stretched assholes getting fucked, feet being licked and massaging a man’s tool. The scenes in the videos are very interesting: in the laundry mat, in a boat, in a rooftop and the locations are superb.


21sextury is a great site, it’s great value for your buck, 21Sextury deserves its prize of Best Site of the Year 2014. The girls are remarkable, with their big voluptuous tits and assess, the great videos with variety, quality, professionalism and originality, the High-Quality 1080p option, the 3D game. What more could you want? This site is for any person who has the time to enjoy more than 11000 videos, has a special liking for butt sex or foot fetish and is looking for a new home of porn. 21Sextury, even though it has a niche, it is still an all-in-one site, for all tastes and all types and for a nominal fee for the one-day membership is a great opportunity. To make your dreams come true, this is one site I would gladly recommend.

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